Directed by: Bazz Hancher, Hank B Marvellous
Written by: Bazz Hancher, David Stokes
Stars: Lee Mark Jones, Matt Lee, Richard Robotham, Keven Varty,
          Molly James, Bazz Hancher, Jenny Knight, Sarah Rose

Year: 2015
Genrer: Anthology, Gore, Horror, Short
Run time: 1h 32min
My rating: 4 out of 5

A while back, a friend and director from the UK sent me a collection of films that he directed through the years. I sat on this collection for a few months not knowing what insanity I was in store for. I was totally blown away and shocked by what I was watching. Was this friend truly a lunatic, serial killer, and maniac or just an artistic genius?  The way these short films were shot was truly amazing.  Very polished and professional looking, almost like a Hollywood film but with major dark overtones that would make the hardest extreme cinema fan uncomfortable. This is director Bazz Hancher.

Bazz has been making extreme independent films in the UK now for over a decade. He started his own film company White Raven Films and has been directing short films and music videos. The first film I watched on the compilation was his most famous and disturbing film, LEON'S BROKEN MIND. This short film follows a disturbed man through his daily torments and delusions. He finally snaps after years of torment from his abusive father, who is now a delusion in his broken mind. He goes on a rampage full of murder and rape, and there are scenes of extreme violence towards animals and the mentally handicapped. There is also some hardcore sex added for some shock value. The short is well acted, as the main character was a very convincing lunatic. It was shot on a very professional level even though it's a low budget film. Great looking shots and locations gave an eerie and uncomfortable feel to it. The effects were very realistic and bloody.

The second film I viewed was the short film called BONJOUR MONSIEUR TREPAS. This film was about an ordinary man that is hiding a dark violent secret. It starts out with this man's every day routes like taking a walk through the woods and talking friendly with his neighbors. The film starts to take a turn for the worse when the man scrapes a mutilated dead cat off the road and puts it in a bag for an unknown reason, which comes into play later in the film. He then starts displaying signs of a typical psycho when he invites his neighbors over  to his place in promise of a signed sports jersey. After the neighbors enter his chamber of torture and madness, the viewer then gets to see the darker and more violent side to this closet madman! Well shot and acted, TREPAS has a great story to keep the viewers attention and enough gore and nastiness to satisfy any gorehounds depraved appetite.

The third film was DARKEST SECRETS. It was more of a crime and drama film. The story is about two crime bosses fighting over a twisted secret that takes a unexpected turn in the end. Not the goriest of the four films but the story is good and will hold the viewers attention the whole way through.  Very well shot and acted like a film with a Hollywood budget.

The last of the films is THE ROGUE FILM MAKER.  This is a Mocumentary about the director Bazz Hancher. This is a fun film with interviews from friends, family, and actors that work with Bazz. Most of them paint a picture that Bazz is a nut and they were forced to act in his films. There is also a ton of gory scenes from Bazz's early films such as JOEY'S GARAGE and KIDDMINISTER KILLER which will be released on another compilation at a later date.

I really enjoyed these films and they are highly recommended even due to some of the shocking content. Bazz is a director on the rise of the underground scene and needs to be exposed for his wonderful artist madness. He will continue to grow as a director and continue to make these amazing films. For more information about Bazz Hancher and his films check out the White Raven Films page. Have a gory one folks.


Produced by: Bazz Hancher, David Stokes, Michael Walcott
Cinematography by: David Stokes, Michael Walcott, Kieron Hazel
Editing by: Bazz Hancher, Michael Walcott
Special Effects by: Max Van Der Banks, Rachael Painter
Music by: Bazz Hancher, Michael Walcott, White Noize
Country: U.K
Language: English
Color: Color

Distributor: White Raven Films/ LBM Video