Written by: Greigh Johanson.

Dimhymn was a Swedish black metal band from Stockholm, which consisted of Jonas "Nattdal" Bergqvist and Alex "Nordsjäl". I came in contact with Jonas back in 2005 shortly after their second album "Djävulens Tid Är Kommen" was released. He wanted me to listen to the album in a promo purpose and sent it to me along with five pills in form of Risperdal and the first full-length album "Fördärvets Maskineri" which I shall now give a review to.

Jonas entered the life of black metal in 2002 and was involved in the creation of bands as Nirnaeth, Lifelover, IXXI and Woundism. Before that, Dimhymn was always foremost in focus with the pain and suffering he went through in life. Initially, the band focused first on devil worship, hatred and ill will, but over the years the lyrics became more self-destructive and ultimately it was mostly about fear, death and suicide.

It isn't easy to write lyrics and music about suicide and absolutely mean every single word of what you sing - as long as not the musical form is the right feeling of the key and it's detail so to speak. But I think Dimhymn was very honest in that way. They were really musical and found good riffs that matched each individual track. And of course, sometimes their lyrics went out of control and that was a little lame in the end, but musically, it turned into something positive instead and that's what made Dimhymn great.

Alex isn't a good drummer, not at all, but I like the mix when you hear how each drum beat fades out with the cymbals and hi-hats. The drums create a different atmosphere in Dimhymn and when Jonas unleashed his guitar amplifier you can clearly hear the foundations of what later became Lifelover - He took a lot of Dimhymn and gave it to Lifelover which you can hear in songs like "Omfamnad Av Döden" and the instrumental part of "Krossad".

Except that the lyrics are partly ridiculous, I can't find a single bad song on "Fördärvets Maskineri" and I thought it was a really good start for a band like  Dimhymn. It consists of very good quality in both vocals, instruments and production, and the best advantage is that the recording quality is so high that you don't need to raise the volume controls that much.

The album was independently released on CD in 1000 hand-numbered copies. Later it was re-released by "Insikt" on 222 blood numbered tapes. They are very rare to come by today, but the Internet is your best friend when it comes to finding rarities on Discogs and Ebay. This is depressive suicidal black metal at its best, and the fact is that you can't find this intense music in this genre that Dimhymn offered. It's very extreme, violent and painful for both your ears and souls.

I must announce that Jonas left us with the world in September 9th, 2011. He was 25 years old and had battled bravely to try to stay alive. Unfortunately, he chose to say farewell in a very gloomy fashion. Rest in peace my old friend!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Band: Dimhymn
Album: Fördärvets Maskineri
Members: Nattdal, Nordsjäl
Recorded: Stockholm
Released in: May 2005
Country: Sweden
Runtime: 45min 18sec

Label: Independent