BLERGHHH!! (1996)

Directed by: Petter Baeistorf
Written by: Petter Baeistorf
Stars: José Salles, Madame Z, Petter Baiestorf, Coffin Souza, Haji XXX, David Camargo, Denise V, Marcos Braun, Jorge Timm,
         E. B. Toniolli, Andreia Rodriguez, Airton Bratz

Year: 1996
Genrer: Gore, Horror, Short
Run time: 42 minutes
My rating: 2.5 out of 5

Petter Baiestorf's movies are quite messy In general and as I said earlier; this is because I don't understand the language. Before I got a grip on the plot in Blerghhh!! I first get the feeling that it has been inspired by Tarantino, I Spit On Your Grave and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. However, I'm not as sure if that's the case anymore, after Baiestorf's own statement - at least not a conscious inspiration.

A young drug-addict named Sid and his bodyguard are kidnapped by terrorists after buying drugs from their crane. A power struggle arises between the terrorist leader and the younger terrorist. Sid is taken as hostage and the leader wants to make a snuff-movie with him. It all ends with Sid dies, but he is so stuffed with drugs that he arises from the dead and now wants more drugs to keep alive. The terrorists soon notice that if Sid is cut into pieces, he will stop living once and for all. It ends in total chaos and a lot of blood.

At times, I think this is a cheeky movie, but sometimes it's very badly done, even though I'm occasionally impressed by Petter's film technique. It feels like he had a thought with the different camera angles in some movie sequences. He doesn't just run at a speed of 170 km a hour with lots of blood spurts here and there, but there's a basic idea behind it all.

I understand that Petter is holding Fulci, Franco and other 70's directors  warm about his heart. Wonderful is also to hear the tones of all the grindcore bands played in the background. It consists of a lot of Pig-squeel-song and smashing swirls and cakes. Another nasty thing is that it is from 1996, I do not think it was so easy to make low-budget horror in Brazil in 1996.


Produced by: Petter Baeistorf
Cinematography by: Petter Baeistorf
Editing by: Petter Baeistorf
Special Effects by: Petter Baeistorf
Music by: ?
Country: Brazil
Language: Portuguese
Color: Color

Distributor: Canibuk