When I found out about Alien Fucker on the internet I got very interested because the name was very comedic (in my opinion). I don’t know exactly why but I was searching around for grindcore music and that eventually led me into the more absurd form of the genre called porngrind; a genre that mixes the furiousness of grindcore but incorporate pornographic samples or lyrics (often very similar to goregrind).

To be honest it’s funny to listen to. Among those bands that caught my eye, searching around on the internet, Alien Fucker stood out to me. The name was just too funny not to check out what it was. The album I found was ”The First Rape In Space”. Just let that name sink in. Then look at the cover. But what made this cool was that the music was actually inventive and good but also really, really hilarious. This led me to hook up with David, vocalist of Alien Fucker, to find out more.

I found out about Alien Fucker pretty randomly searching on YouTube. What made me click on the album ”The First Rape in Space” was because the band name, album name and cover art for that album was hilarious. I still giggle every time I think about it. The music was highly entertaining as well. In particular the blend of strange synth melodies and absurd vocals. Was that a conscious decision when starting the band our how did it all begin? 

- In the beginning we were not a band, it was mine solo project. I wrote and recorded the first album ”The First Rape in Space” and the following EP "Vulgar Display Of Porngrind". When I started to write the first album I wanted to make groovy goregrind music with melodic guitar solos in it. I started to record the album but my knowledge in recording back then was poor so I had to record every instrument in one single take. It went nice, but the guitar solos in some of the songs was too hard for me and I couldn't do it in a single shot, so I got a weird idea to record synth with an overdrive guitar pedal instead of some of the guitar solos in the album. I fell in love with the sound of the overdrive synth and the groovy together so I decided to change all the other solos in the album to this sound. The vocals were just gibberish burping with modular and overdrive guitar pedals.  so the groovy music and the vocals were conscious decision, the solos were a result of my lack of guitar techniques.

How has the overall response been to Alien Fucker? 

- Most of the responses were positive so far, by positive I mean that it made people laugh and they liked the whole idea of the weird combination. some of the people took it even as a serious music. of course that not everybody got the joke, or liked the joke. some people said that this is ruining the grindcore music and some people said that you can't even call this thing a music, we even saw our album in the top 10 worst albums of 2014 in a french music magazine - for me this is a serious music and a joke together.

Do you have any physical releases of your albums and EPs or what are the options to listen to Alien Fucker? 

- Most of the albums are digital only releases and available for purchase in our bandcamp site. "The First Rape In Space" was released in physical copies by a label called "Headshot Bookings", as far as I now there were not a lot of copies and it's already sold out. we're looking in these days for a serious label to release  physical copies of the first album, the compilation album "Rape Party" (which is a compilation of almost all the EPs that we've made) and the upcoming releases.

Do you play live as well? 

- Yes, we do live show. currently we're only do gigs in our country, the reason for that is because we can't find time together as a band to tour 'cause of jobs and other responsibilities that we've got here. We're a trio so it's only me (vocalist), Or Kenny (bass) and Ron Sheskin (guitar). We use drum and synth playbacks. We've got the playback idea from some other bands in the porngrind scene.

This being an extreme horror movie magazine, do you have any personal relation to horror films? Any favorites? 

- I'm a fan of old horror movies, this is probably my favorite genre in movies. my favorites are "Let The Right One In", "The Thing" and "Poltergeist". We've got in our future plans for some songs that are about some of the old sci-fi horror movies, of course in the humor spirit. We've got two intros that are influenced by old horror movies, the intro of "Raping Uranus" and the intro of "Farting on Alien Babies". Also we've got a side project called "The Small Heads" and we play horror garage music, inspired by classic horror movies of course.

What are some of your favorite bands in the goregrind, porngrind etc genre? 

- First of all, something like 10 years ago I found out about the band Spermswamp which was the band that brought me to this genre. They are (actually it's he is) my biggest inspiration 'till this day in this kind of music. Also there is another band from my country that their shows inspired me to start the band (or the project, as it was back then), the bands name is "Viscera Trail".
also there are a lot of bands that we love like "vxpxoxaxaxwxaxmxcx","Gutalax","Rompeprop","Clitorape" and many more.

Why is Alien Fuckers gift to the world in your opinion? 

- Alien Fucker is a curse to this world. But if you ask me about the positive things in my opinion about Alien Fucker, I would say that the main thing that we're trying to do in our shows and in our music is to try to make everybody forget about politics, race, religion and any other thing that divides people and dance to our stupid groovy music. It's kind of a big deal especially in our country.

What are your future plans? 

- We've got two upcoming albums this year and we're planing to make a tour in Europe hopefully next year. 

Anything you want to add?

- I think (well, I hope) that my answers to your questions have covered everything about us and what we're standing for. so no.

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