Analkholic is a band that caught my interest after seeing a live clip on youtube from the festival Obscene Extreme. They seemed to have it all. Extremely absurd sounding pitch shifter voice, static programmed drums and just all around wackiness. Then I went on to listen to their album ”After Party Shit Stinks” (Bizarre Leprous Production) which I found quite pleasant. Analkholic is a duo with Beer Belly on bass and Danger Fitch on guitar and guttural vocals. With this being said, I had to contact them to know more and what makes this band tick.

Why did you start Analkholic?

Beer Belly:
- Analkholic started in 2011 with Beer Belly and Danger Fitch
We started the band cause we wanted to make some music and we choose underground style, goregrind, for the party, the people and all of those great things to have fun when we play.

Danger Fitch:
- Beer belly is the perfect drinking partner, the best guy that you can meet in a bar. I found in him my fucking drinking soulmate. So we decided to translate our fucking drunkard power in music and Analkholic was born!

What is the cool thing about porn/goregrind in your opinion?

Beer Belly:
- I think that porngore is really good cause it's a way to have a lot of fun when we play on stage and when we record as well. This underground style that we choose is really cool and we have good time with it and with all the people who listen to it.

Danger Fitch:- I don't know if there's something cool about porngore?
It's just the way that I found to mix that I always loved in music.

Your album "After Party-Shit Stinks" was released in 2014, are you planning to record more material in the near future?

Beer Belly:
- "AFTER PARTY SHIT STINKS" was released in 2014. Since the beginning of 2016, we have recorded our new album "STRICTLY DRUNK" with a new label ROTTEN ROLL REX in Germany. This new album is mastering in Holland. We'll release it in few weeks. 
Some split will see the sun soon with great bands.

Danger Fitch:
- Our second full lenght is almost done with Dirty Bird Record Studio in Netherland. This album will be out soon with Rotten Roll Rex in Germany. About more materials, we got a few split albums to record. There's a split album with the spanish gore killers Tu Carne soon on Nice to Eat You Records. The next split albums will be with UxLxCxM, Urtikaria Anal, Sete Star Sept, Rabid Dogs, Pigtails and a few more... There's a compilation cd with Misophonia Record will be out soon too with Impetigo, Go-Zen, Serrabulho.. We're on the official Rompeprop Tribute organized by Splatter Zombie Record for the end of the year normally too. You'll get some material fuckers, don't be sad!!!

Do you have any tours any festivals planned ahead?

Beer Belly:
- In 2015, we made a European Tour and that was awesome! It was best moment in our life and in the ANALKHOLIC's long life. We played at Obscene Extreme Festival 2016 in Trutnov and OEF 2013 in Melbourne Australia, such beautiful moments with all the people there at all the concerts. 
Next tour maybe a tour in South America with mexican bands other there, like our brothers URTIKARIA ANAL from Monterrey Mexico who shared the tour with us last year. We have a festival in New Caledonia at the end of september called Blackwood Festival and some grind nights too.

Danger Fitch:
- Like my bro' said it to you! It's gonna be THE WAR!! We're not close minded abour organizers proposals! Analkholic is always ready to hit the stage!

What influences do you have for Analkholic?

Beer Belly:
- It always been some stuffs like Rompeprop, Dead Infection, Bile, Plasma, Squash Bowels, GUT, Cock and Ball Torture, Mucupurulent...and many many other bands we love and follow.

Danger Fitch:
- My general knowledge had always run over the punk hardcore like The Bad Brains, Void, SSD, Spazz, the fucking Minor Threat..etc....I think the most big Analkholic influences are L.D.O.H., GUT, Regurgitate, and C.B.T!

Since this is an extreme horror movie magazine, do you have any relation to horror movies and do you have any favorite horror movies?

Beer Belly:
- Yeeeeah of course, we love Horror movies and gore movies.
All horror movies are different but all the classic like: Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friday the 13th, Halloween, Evil Dead, Braindead, Psychose, Shining...and many many more!

Danger Fitch:
- Horror and Gore movies had always got a place in our heart for sure!
Bad Taste - Shining - Braindead and Street Trash are the real way to live!

Anything you wish to add for the readers?

Beer Belly:
- Thanks to every people in the world who support AxKx since many years and thanks to Rotten Roll Rex to trust in us for the second full length.


Danger Fitch:
- Everything was exactly said! Thanx to Goregasmic Magazine! Thanks to bands who rock us since our childhood! Thanx to everybody to trust in us since the beginning! And be ready for STRICTLY DRUNK album out soon on Rotten Roll Rex Record !

Best Regards from the SUN!