Written by: Chang Wong.

Toxic Gorilla Smell from Brazil is a group I haven’t heard about prior getting the album ”Radioactive Jungle Massacre” so I will not comment to much on their history, rather focus on the music itself. Seeing the cover art I immediately thought that this has to be some sort of punk, and I was right. Toxic Gorilla Smell is pretty much a straight forward punk band but they do have enough diversity to entertain throughout this piece of music.

First thing that came to my mind was bands like Misfits, The Exploited, Sham 69 and so on. Classic stuff in other words. Toxic Gorilla Smell does however manage to get their own kind of sound in a way that is hard to describe. Maybe it is the rough and unpolished attitude. The vocals does blend a bit of different things like sometimes clean-ish but mostly shouting and some screams put in the bag. Does sound a bit crazy and the lyrics are pretty hard to tell what they actually are singing about. As I didn't get any lyrics I can’t comment on what they are all about, lyric-wise.

The first track ”Raise Upon the Sky” has a Rancid kind of vibe. Very cheerful and groovy. I like it. Starts off the album on the right track.

The second track called ”Resurrect you” is a mid-paced track with some classic punk rock chords that we all recognize. But it work well even here. Melodic overall with a shout along chorus that packs a good punch.

The third track ”Gorilla in the Hood” is a fast paced track all they way. Short but sweet. Not too much happening in the song but works for its purpose.

The fourth track ”Funky Monkey” made me think to old Beastie Boys. Has that ”Egg raid on mojo” kind of riff. Could that have been an inspiration? Don’t really know. As it goes along it turns a little bit more moody than the rest of the tracks in an almost gothic way. Good stuff anyhow.

Track number 5 ”Ouh!” was a little bit to ”happy” for me. Not a bad song as such but just didn’t tick my boxes and the chorus seems a bit silly.

We now enter the sixth track ”Electric dog” and it has a more menacing touch. This is good news for me. I liked this track much better. One of the highlights on the album for me even though it pretty much carries the same riff with some minor variation at the end.

The seventh track ”Watch your back” might be the most melodic song. This sounds really like classic punk. Has a Ramones and The Clash vibe I like. I actually had to listen to it twice before continuing to the next track.

The eight and last song ”Stay in the spot” is a short but sweet track kicking of like a skate punk song. Would fit great in a Tony Hawk game for example.

Radioactive Jungle Massacre” is a solid punk album that anyone who gets a kick out of classic, in your face, stuff should definitely not miss out on. A very short album but at least you can just set it on repeat. That’s what I did. Recommended.

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