Written by: Greigh Johanson.

It was many years since I left my rebellious Black Metal life, this is because the entire subgenre has reached a time where the genre can no longer deliver in the same way anymore. But the memories of the music still lives on and the bands worth categorize in first place is Silencer, a Swedish band which 
was founded in Stockholm 1995 by guitarist Leere (Andreas Casado) and grew from being a strictly solo musical project into a black metal duo when the vocalist Nattramn was enlisted.

Death - Pierce Me was first released as a one-track demo in 1998 with the session drummer Jonas Mattsson (Nominon), and in former 2000s the full-length sequel came, now with Steve Wolz (Bethlehem) on drums, which would be the most effective and most emotion-related works in the subgenres history. Silencer became a cult phenomenon, so now let me write about an album which unfortunately was their only perfected album before they decided to disband in 2004.

Death - Pierce Me is conveniently located in my list of the world's most amazing records. It always gives me a queasy feeling that's difficult to describe in words. The music is very simple and easy-played, but it's the passion of Nattramns song that's terribly frightening and leads to a compelling sense of anxiety and madness. The album doesn't have much of pure musical knowledge, but it's the atmosphere that makes it easy to fall in love in its entirety. Andreas Casado is definitely not the worlds best guitarist and we need hardly to discuss about Wolz's achievement, in many cases he doesn't even plays in the right time signature. But the atmosphere in the trickling sound, in connection with Nattramns vowels make the sound very unique. It's the content of the high-frequency and ghostly between games that convey a sense of sadness and anxiety.

During this time, Nattramn would soon become a Swedish cult phenomenon, mainly for his mysticism and his anonymity, but also by some obscure and mythical images in which people really believed he had replaced his hands with pig hooves - Which of course was not the case. It was only an urban legend that many still firmly believe in. And yes, there have been many romurs about Nattramn during the years that have passed and many of them are probably not true. It's easy to compose and emphasize incredible dignities of people you don't know, but have only heard about. Rumors that gets a huge spread due to urban legends.

Silencer disbanded because Nattramn became instutionalized at Sankt Sigfrid Hospital in Växjö, and he believes that he, because of his mental-illness, is dangerous to himself and his surroundings. During his investigations he has done the ambient project "Diagnosis: Lebensgefahr - Transformalin", a project as well as the book "Pig's Heart" which plays on emotions like anxiety and pain for therapeutic purposes.

Finally, let me say that I really recommend this album to anyone who likes screwed, anxious and depressive atmospheric black metal. If you want to hear what the foundation of today DSBM is, then Silencer - Death - Pierce Me is the perfect choice for you.

Released: October 30th, 2001.
Style: Depressive Suicide Black Metal.
Label: Prophecy Productions