Artist: Abuse
Album: Like A Virgin

Year: 2001 (Re-released in 2011)
Genrer: Brutal Death Metal, Grindcore
Run time: 45 minutes
My rating: 4 out of 5

This review was originally posted
by Chris Mayo at Severed Cinema.

Another great gem of Canadian brutal death/grind mayhem hailing from British Columbia. Independently recorded in 2001 and re-issued with bonus tracks (mostly demos) in 2011 on Comatose Music. This album is a real treat I randomly discovered on my search for rare Canadian acts.

These guys are going with a real misogynistic theme on this one which reminds me of the awesome American death/grind band Waco Jesus, and the cover is familiar to the Waco Jesus album Receptive When Beaten except Abuse's Like A Virgin was released in 2001 and Waco Jesus's album was released in 2006. Abuse are said to be still active and I'm hoping the material on Like A Virgin is an indication of what is in store for the future because this album fucking kills.

Abuse never let up with their nonstop crushing assault. It's blistering fast brutal death which occasionally slows down long enough to catch your breath with a couple break downs and slower bits. We get lots of movie samples which the band hilariously state in the liner notes are used without permission. Every track on this record shreds women's pussies into a state of bloodied obliteration, especially song like Pieces Of Girl which probably has the best movie sample from the original Terminator. The sample of Reese (Michael Biehn) talking about the terminators never ending mission to kill Sarah Connor. Abuse weave it to their advantage by turning the message into a more misogynistic meaning and tastelessly it works nicely.

The band do not obviously give two fucks - or any amount of fucks for that matter - about being politically correct, and from the song titles they must have been mad at their girlfriends, or have experienced some relationship problems, or just have a general hatred for the split assed species because their anger towards women is prevalent, or they just could be going for shock value, who knows. I do know that this release pleasantly surprised the hell out of me due to its brutality and tight musicianship. These guys have talent and display it relentlessly on here. The guttural vocals are impressive and no harmonizers were used as the band proudly states.

B.C. are known for their superb bud but hopefully Abuse will make B.C. known for its brutal death and bud. The re-issue of Like A Virgin can be found anywhere from Amazon to Discogs to the Comatose Music label site. You can get it on Amazon.ca for like 10 bucks and its more than worth it. One listen and if you're a brutal death fan the receptors in your brain should start firing fucking hot molten lava of ecstasy out of your ears because this shit plain and simple is a prime example of how to do brutal death the right way. A fucking Men!....... I mean Hail Satan!


Band members:
Big Pimp - Vocals, Guitar
Bitch Slapper - Drums
Mister Nasty - Bass
Offal Consumer - Vocals

Label: Comatose Music
Country: Canada

Bandcamp: https://comatosemusic.bandcamp.com/album/like-a-virgin
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/youwillsubmit