Artist: Mephorash
Album: 1557 - Rites of Nullification

Year: 2015
Genrer: Black Metal
Run time: 42 minutes
My rating: 5 out of 5

Those who know me or just even know who I am knows how nitpicking pretentious I am about how I want my black metal. Devotion is everything and after more than half my life devoted to Satan it's incredibly easy to distinguish the ignorant from the educated!

Sweden has a handful of real devoted acts such as Ofermod, Funeral Mist and Malign. Black Metal is more than just Black Metal.  A few years ago an entity called Mephorash from Uppsala arised. They released their debut album ”Death Awakens” that was unfortunately very few heard or cared about. Their second album ”Chalice of Thagirion” suffered the same fate when it was released, but it also got brutally butchered and the band was denigrated as a shameless Watain-copy. I didn't listen to the band until their third and latest creation ”1557 - Rites of Nullification” released. It was rumored to be something amazing, and really... I am speechless for how fucking crushed the cosmos was that night I first listened to it!

As I said, Devotion is important and in this album you can hear it instantly! From the first second of the tremendously ominous judgment day female choir intro, to the albums last seconds where the circle closes with a repeat of all this and you sit there bewitched and totally fucking drained of EVERYTHING.

It's a trip full of bottomless darkness. I remember how I was instantly shackled with my headphones to the bed I was laying in and a feeling of vertigo washed over me. As if the ground beneath the bed opened up and collapsed straight into a dark oblivion. The big nothingness. This is what I've been waiting waiting for, for so long! You see, in black metal there is so much that has to coincide...The Feeling, the atmosphere, lyrics and yeah, it should fucking scream devotion. It should reek of the creators darkness worshipping lost souls! And this does. Also worth mentioning is if you are familiar with the bands mentioned above, you'll recognize a certain voice on this album. No one other than deaths own chanter Nebiros (Malign/ ex-Ofermod) is a guest vocalist. Just that vouches for high quality!

I won't dive in closer and dissect the riffs and whips, it would ruin the wholeness for you if you're a first-timer. But mark my words when I say that this is not for anyone. If someone who isn't meant for listening to this album listens to it, their life would be utterly destroyed. It really possesses those tools.  I don't even want to call Mephorash for Black Metal. It's more of a ritual, a senselessly triumphed abysmal meditation! Bow down to Mephorash, or be a fucking poser!


Band members:
Mishbar Bovmeph - Guitars (lead), Bass, Vocals (backing)
Ayram Etaumiel - Guitars (rhythm), Bass
Mashkelah M'Ralaa - Vocals

Label: Odium Records
Country: Sweden

Bandcamp: https://mephorash.bandcamp.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Mephorash