Written by: Tim Nordstedt

There is basically no story when it comes to Watashi No Akai Harawata/Women´s Flesh: My Red Guts or Hungry Mouth as it´s called and the whole thing is more or less spoiled with the few reviews that you can find in the cyberworld so I´ll just add the little things that I can and try to spoil it some more.

A woman that seems to be a little bit on the mentally deranged side starts to play with herself with a toothbrush that goes up in the pixelated happycave, after a little bit of yanking and thrusting the blood starts to pour pretty nicely, 

and now the extacy have erupted in full motion as she starts to smear blood and her face and as she get´s caught up in the moment she bites off one of her fingers and then chokes herself with the shower hose? I think, the picture was so blindingly bright that I hardly could see what was going on but I´m sure that it wasn´t the shower hose ant it looked like a piece of cloth so all I can say is that she chokes herself out cold.

After that scene it seems to be a general confusion when it continues after a fadeout and a woman appears, the confusion is regarding if the woman that looks pretty similar actually is the same woman or if this was suppose to be two different parts that got mashed up into one short film, the most people goes with the first alternative and say that it´s the same person even though she still have the fingertip intact, well this time she isn´t in a bathroom, she sits in a room that is completely covered to avoid fake bloodstains on the walls and the floor I suppose.
First we have to endure a completely pointless scene off applepeeling and slobby eating until she decides that her thigh looks a little bit more juicy so the fork goes in there instead, and it seems like it did wonders for her but things needs to a little bit more meaty, so why not use the knife instead to get to the good parts, and here is why it´s called My Red Guts (even though they got the color wrong), as for the final scene she shoves the knife she peeled the apple with into her belly and gouges up her stomach in a fumbly Seppuku style, then pulls out  something that looks like string sausages or a whole pack of condoms that have been filled with something messy and tied together, whatever it is it looks horribly bad, then she severs her tongue, stabs herself in the head and then dies.

Most of the time it´s just fun to see the special effects as they are not really convincing and that´s one thing that takes away the disturbing feeling of it all, that and it´s not exactly gross, sickening or anything that people that seems to be easily impressed are going on about, but like the most works of Tamakichi Anaru it´s fun to watch for the heck off it even if the reputation is well overexaggerated.

The filming and production is just terrible, it looks like it´s filmed with a lowbudget VHS recorder camera and then copied about thirty times and the last copy is the only one that survived but have been locked in a safe and collected dust and the picture couldn´t be saved or restored in any way, it´s unfocused, grimey, gritty and gravely in every way and the colour is changing a lot, it´s like someone is sitting and changing the adjustments for the contrast, hue and saturation here and there and none of them where adjusted to a neutral level, it might filmed like this on purpose to emphasize a form of reality and cover up for the special effects.

In the description it says that the woman is under the influence of an experimental drug however I couldn´t see anything that implied that, and to come to think of it that´s the story of Naked Blood that got released three years before Women´s Flesh and is in my personal opinion a lot better.