Written by: Tim Nordstedt

An adult actress teams up with three guys to make a SoV pornmovie, everything seems to go fine but after the first scene the guys want to spice things up a little bit, which means whips, shibari, S/M and ending it all with an enema, after the humiliating treatment the actress wants to quit but instead gets beaten unconscious and from thereon the director get´s a new groundbreaking idea, he is going to finish the whole process by making a torture snuff movie.

Tamakichi Anaru is a man that have a mythic reputation in the underground of sleazy cult movies, mostly because he doesn´t seem to be very active and he´s definitely not appearing in a public stagelight hence the mystery around this man seems to be intact.

But the few movies that he made in the nineties have a hyped up name and with reason and Niku Daruma aka Tumbling Doll of Flesh or Snuff Reels is the first offer that chocked the world, I know that I have seen it many years ago and bits and pieces were missing in my memory therefore I decided to check it up again and see if really delivered such a revolting impact that people claim. 

Half of the movie is just a bit of babbling that I really didn´t pay attention to, partly because I didn´t care and partly because there were no subtitles so I had no idea what they were discussing but I´m more than sure that it wasn´t anything of interest.

 then we get some shabby, trashy, pixelated porn that probably wouldn´t arouse anyone no matter how desperate and horny a human can be, then we get to the S/M part, nothing really exciting there, couple of lashes and an enema that goes nowhere and after a while we get to the good part, sort off, it was more sloppy and unintentional humorous and a bit tedious for my part, seeing as the effects are pretty crappy yet the chopped off arm is pretty ok for example but I still don´t see the chockvalue that people are cackling about, Niku Daruma do deserve it´s reputation and cultfollowing but it´s nowhere as extreme, vile, disgusting retched piece of extremity that it´s said to be, not for me at least, I got pretty bored and wasn´t impressed in any way.