Artist: The Pete Flesh Deathtrip
Album: Through Dungeons: Chapter 1

Year: 2017
Genrer: Black Metal, Death Metal, Doom Metal,
Run time: 9 minutes
My rating: 4 out of 5

When Peter "Pete Flesh" Karlsson announced that he had some material that didn't fit anything he could include in a fullength album and was planning to have it released digitally as a single, my curiosity sparked and immediately caught on fire, Peter have amongst the years learned to master all kinds of genres and it seems like everything he attempts to create becomes a glistening diamond, and you can tell that he has a genuine burning passion for the music he composes so nothing really becomes sterile, plastic or without some deeper thought put behind it.

"Through Dungeons: Chapter 1" is the name of the single and title does bear promises of more of these singles to come, and luckily that is exactly the case here, there will be more songs from TPFDT that will have a certain distinction from the material on the fullength albums, and each song will have their own different identity.

In the first visit through the dungeon we are served the tracks "The True Salvation" and "White Faced Devil". Both tracks have different vocalists and Peter is just handling the strings this time, and Henrik Borg that was in charge of the drums on "Svartnad" is once again behind the set in this session, and in the first track "The True Salvation" we find no one else than Rogga behind the mic, and I´m pretty sure that every metalhead in the whole wide world recognizes him from the legendary Death/Thrash band Merciless.But "The True Salvation" isn´t some ripping Slayerworshipping Death/Trash track, the song itself is more closer to Swedish old school Death Metal, delivering a thick, filthy heaviness with melodic interludes, in sense it´s not far from the musical basis that Dismember had in the good old days, it could also be compared to a mix between The Pete Flesh Deathtrips latest album "Svartnad" and the album  "Dödsångest" that was released under the old monicker Flesh before Peter had to change it to TPFDT, but it´s a bit more meatier, the production is raw, fat and organic and the guitars are downtuned in a massive doomy fashion, especially the bass and rythmguitar that churns out a colossal soundwave but still doesn´t dominate the occational leading melodies, the drums is a fitting driving force, mostly with d beats and blasts when it´s  needed, and it marks everything on the spot with a clear non computerized sound, and ofcourse Roggas vocals is as great as always, I actually would say that they are better than ever, and even though this song doesn´t resemble anything Merciless have done, his effort suits this song extremely well, it feels more articulate yet more vicious and a little bit emotional combined with the music.

The second song "White Faced Devil" is a complete different story from "The True Salvation", I had this one explained to me and then got to hear a small teaser, after that I was pretty stoked, this is something way out of the ordinary for TPFDT and that´s something unexpected that I wanted to expect (if that makes any form of sense), the music is more in the Rock n Roll/Heavy Metal department, for example take Samhain/Danzig, Black Sabbath and Type O Negative, now imagine their music in a liveshow, take away the big stage, put it in a smokey desolate bar, take away the strippers, groupies and fans and insert a couple of the all day nihilistic apathic drones sitting and nodding with the music while sipping on a strong brew in a filthy glass, and an occational brawl going on in the middle, that´s pretty much where you have the "White Faced Devil", the feeling of the music is more Doomy or Stoner without too much groove and almost bluesy, it's lifeless yet with a purpose.

Behind the mic this time we have Dimman from the bands Harms Way and Trash Amigo, and I have to admit that he does a great job on this track, his vocals are pretty close to Danzigs but it's far from a replication, Dimmans voice is more mellow and lean and the catchy performance during the chorus is a near perfection. The production doesn´t differ all too much from "The True Salvation", it´s still has the raw, natural, downtuned feeling and it sounds great even though there is a massive contrast between both songs.

So what's my verdict on the first Dungeon single? I actually loved every bit off it, it did pass by pretty quick though but the songs are great and you really don´t need to focus too much on them, they are not composed in a excessively appearant way but everything just flows in an even current yet without being dull.

The Dungeon Chapter
s proved to be an exciting surprise and I am pretty eager to enter the second dungeon!


Band members:
Peter "Pete Flesh" Karlsson - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Lyrics
Micke Broberg - Drums
Dimman - Vocals

Label: Critical Mass Recordings
Country: Sweden

Official: http://www.thepetefleshdeathtrip.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/peteflesh