Written by: Tim Nordstedt.

GSDK is a wellknown series in the underground to say at least, obscure and extreme and far from the more famous Guinea Pig, the main reason is that everything that is on this collection is genuine and pretty unpleasant to the most people, and pretty pleasant to the rest I suppose, GDSK would probably fit the BDSM concept in nr 4 but I couldn´t get my hands on them until now, but they are from Japan so it works out fine for this one, the main issue I have with GSDK is that I don´t think that there is a whole lot to write about them, but I sure as hell can try and try not to spoil all too much.

After seeing the first installment I realized that I had the wrong idea about the GSDK movies, after hearing rumours I thought that it would be a collected clip video, like a Japanese mondo with self-mutilation, torture in mutual agreement and extreme bodyart. Sure the description fits but instead it has a story, sort of, my Japanese is extremely bad and this copy didn't have any subtitles so I had to puzzle a little a bit and came up with a couple of fitting speculations from the little things that I could understand, which wasn't that much because I was more interestered in what was going on more than trying to figure out a fitting story.

In the big run it seems to be about a sect that dresses a bit pretentiously gothic and they have either kidnapped a woman or she's there to be initiated, or she just want to test her threshold for pain just for fun, it really doesn't matter anyway, she gets her hands nailed to a table and then her lips and tongue, after that the process just gets worse and worse.

The first one isn't that extreme, if you wanted to see a whole lot of blood, cutting, slicing, open wounds and so on then you will be disappointed. The torture device utilized in this one is piercingneedles and thread, we're not talking about usual piercings - the needles are used to deliver an uncomfortable pain and different parts are sewn shut and then it all ends up with a neat magic trick.

For a lot of hardened viewers this may not be chocking enough. For me it wasn't chocking either but I personally liked it and as I have stated before; I'm involved with body arts, both as an artist and I like to get tattoos and piercing so it was a little bit fun to watch and I'm more than sure that the woman that acted as the torturer is a highly trained piercer. 
The biggest surprise was that everything was very artistically made, almost in a beautiful sense even.

Now let us see if things have gone to the better or worse in the second one. This time the whole gang is gathered again with the victim for the first one and this time it's definitely a kidnapping, for the second one the chosen victim is the woman that appeared briefly in the first one with the first victim, and appearantly they both have some beef between each other that they obviously haven't solved as they go on each every moment they can.

It's pretty much the same recipe as the first one but the bar have been raised a bit. It's a little bit meaner and more creative, the combination between piercingneedles, wax candles and buttcheeks for example was a great touch, and the split tongue was pretty nice to watch - in between that it's nothing new under the sun - a lot of needles, choking, suspension, but still as enjoyable as the first one, the things that have changed a lot is the duration time, it's approximately an hour long whereas nr 1 was more than an hour and a half, and in GSDK 2 it's a lot of screaming, something that was abscent in the first one, that one was awfully quiet actually.

In the third one we seems to get the deeper aspect of the relation between the two victims that might be friends/sisters/rivals/lovers or whatever, it's probably explained somewhere but the language barrier pretty much leaves me unknowing, so the first half is pretty much catfights and choking and in the second half they are in the hands of their captors and the team have added a new member who's pretty mean and then we get some needleplay and a graphic hook suspension.

The last one was without a doubt the most boring one, I personally really don't think that GSDK delivered what the rumors promised, I had something worse in mind but it's not a total waste of time, the third one might be and if you're into extreme body art and thinks that Dee Sniders "Strangeland" was pretty lame, then this one should suit you, unless you have seen the most extreme things that´s happening in the scene like me then it might be a waste of time, but on the other hand I did enjoy the two first ones so give it a try, but I'm not promising anything.

Total rating: 4 out of 5.