Written by: Laurent Tissier.

There is no need to present Yan KAOS this bloodthirsty Canadian director! If you like gore, blood, blasphemy and deviant do not hesitate a moment and buy this movie! Of course it's from underground to low budget but isn't that what we all want?

Some will say that the plot is invisible, whereas on the contrary, it invites us to discover various ways of dying, to torture without ever being repetitive ... One enters immediately in the heart of the subject with scenes that will disgust much put Apart from the afficionados of the style. BLOOD ORCHESTRA offers us a bloody, unhealthy spectacle while remaining within the limits of politically correct!

In order not to fall into the register of films with uninteresting or misinterpreted dialogues, the director has the intelligence not to put them. He prefers to make us understand it with shock images and carefully selected music. We enter a timeless world, sometimes scary, not knowing what will happen in the next few minutes and that's great! The special effects are relatively well made, shouting of truth for some shots.

A negative point during a tooth brushing scene that hurts very badly, the actor looks at the camera quickly several times but nothing annoying. This film could be located between CREEPSHOW for the various scenes of lives and THE EXORCIST for blasphemies. Warning! I want to clarify it once again; The comparison doesn't take into account the budget side! It rivals and far surpasses other films with much more money filled with useless dialogues, without special effects sold yet as ultimate, cult, disturbing works that don't reach the quarter-length if we remove the pornographic parts! But it's another style that also has its audience ...

The talent and creativity of Yan KAOS is limitless when it comes to staging horror for our greatest pleasure!

Rating: 4 out of 5

Directed by: Yan Kaos
Written by: Yan Kaos
Produced by: Yan Kaos
Cinematography by: Nemesis Bathory, Yan Kaos
Editing by: Yan Kaos
Special Effects by: Nemesis Bathory, Yan Kaos
Music by: ?
Cast: Nemesis Bathory, Yan Kaos, Betty Moreau, Fred Otis.
Year: 2016
Country: Canada
Language: English 
Color: Color
Runtime: 47min

Distributor: D.I.Y Productions