Artist: Animo Aeger
Album: KotzeAdel

Year: 2016
Genrer: Black Metal
Run time: 38 minutes
My rating: 4.5 out of 5

This bands name have gotten stuck in my brain since I first heard about them, ironically and for reasons unknown I haven't taken myself the time to inspect how their musical compositions sounds like, but when I received their latest effort "Kotzeadel" from Bleeding Heart Nihilist I felt that it would be a perfect time for a thorough listening and a review has finally come.

The first thing I noticed is that it's definitely not a typical Black Metal cover, it appears to be a blurry picture of people skiing, and to be honest, I do appreciate these covers more than the general Satan and death thing, I love those too but in times it can be way too much and too generic.

Simple black and white pictures like Loits "Ei kahetse midagi", Amesoeurs "Ruines Humaines" or Kaevums "Nordnorsk Hatmusik" can trigger something in my visual sensors that immediately orders my brain to purchase the album, it´s an odd fascination and "Kotzeadel" is a piece that went right into my manic taste of unorthodox covers in a positive way, the rest of the artwork is a bit more surreal but still goes hand in hand with my artistic, maze of a mind.

Now for the last bit that I have never acquainted myself with when it comes to Animo Aeger, the music, as soon as the record went in and I pressed play a torrent of tremolopicking 90s infused d-beat Black Metal swooned through my headphones in a very pleasant, nostalgic way, it takes a turn for the more interesting when the clean vocals kicks in and get´s accompanied with an aucustic melody that could fit a Post DSBM band.

It's useless to review this album track by track, the variations are constant yet the material is solid so my mind never travels off and morphs itself into a big questionmark and wonders what in the whole hell happened, the material never turns to confusion even though it's created  by multiple different musical elements, yet it's hard to label the music, in essence it's truly Black Metal and it never goes as far as taking a turn into avantgarde even though it pushes the limits from time to time.

It almost walks through different evolutions of Black Metal, starting and ending the second wave Black Metal era, most of the time it serves the same tempo and feeling that Dark Thrones "Under a Funeral Moon" and Gorgoroths "Pentagram" occationally have but with more melodies and enters a huge part of emotions that very few DSBM bands are able to handle, I would actually compare bits and parts to bands like Heimat, Bethlehem and Fäulniz. And despite the comparison with Gorgoroths and Dark Thrones masterpieces this doesn't sound Norwegian, not to 100% anyway, it has a huge German impact, it might primarily be the vocals that gives that impression. And if you thought that the music consisted by a multitude of diversity then the vocal range may come as a minor chock, It's an impressive treat to hear Gråsjäls performance because you never now what´s coming around the corner, the deliverance is everything from snarly demonic rasps, angstfilled howlings, growls and a spoken part in the song "Manipulazitzen" that sounded like a possessed child, furthermore there is a vast alteration when it comes to the clean vocals, here is where the German vein really becoms visible, ofcourse it wouldn´t be so obvious if the lyrics weren´t written in German, but the deliverance of the clean sung register is both pleasant and completely insane to the point that it almost becomes humorous but it's still delivered in such compelling manner combined with the music that I´m not even the slightest offput, on the contrary, I´m completely captivated!

I can't explain the vocal delivery to the full but in times it's a little touch of Die Apokalyptischen Rieter and Knorkator that goes through a perverted phase of a mental breakdown, all in all the whole performance reaches the same insanity level as Marco Kehrens vocal features in Bethlehems  "Sardonischer Untergang im Zeichen irreligiöser Darbietung", Attilas range in Mayhems "Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" and Nattramns soulshredding outbursts in Silencers "Death Pierce Me" yet it´s far more versatile than that.

The material in "Kotzeadel" is easy to digest while you're listening to it, but it's also easy to forget the musical sections that was before the current one, this however is not a negative aspect, after the album ended I found myself wanting to go back and relive the experience again and again.

I'm actually impressed with this release, it has both the Tr00 Black Metal feeling from the second wave that one have been searching for from time to time, and it´s filled with oddities and surprises that doesn´t destroy the overall experience, and the production matches the compositions perfectly, everything is audible and the parts that needs to gain more room sticks out in the mix without overpowering the rest of the instruments.

"Kotzeadel" is a great soundtrack to ones personal descent into complete insanity, and a highly recommended one too.


Band members:
Gråsjäl - Bass, Guitars, Vocals, Piano
Mr. Greis - Drums

Label: Bleeding Heart Nihilist Productions
Country: Germany

Bandcamp: http://animoaeger.bandcamp.com/releases