MUZAN E (1999)

Written by: Tim Nordstedt

A reporter investigates the darker side of underground porn,  while she and her crew tries to find even more extreme material and interviews the people that made the movies they misshappenly stumbled upon a video that shows how two men brutally murders a woman and decides to find out the story behind the event, when they start to get closer and actually manage to find the murderers they are discovered and short thereafter they are the ones that becomes the next victims in front of the camera.

SO this is a very reputable movie by the reputable Daisuke Yamanouchi that everyone into sleazy low budget gore movies should know, and if you have a thing for Japanese porn then you probably know him twice as well, and now I have just finished watching Mu Zan E and if you wonder if the reputation and the underground hysteria is fact or bullshit then I would say bullshit without a second thought. 

I don´t think that it was made to become such a hyped up movie but someone sure spilled their guts and gutless words about this and now it pretty much became a holy grail that a lot of underground gorewankers would love to have in their collection and will probably buy an expensive CD-R copy that have no subtitle and will sit a questionmark throughout the most of the movie, and no I didn´t have any subs either, I´m pretty sure that it would help a lot, sure it wasn´t hard to tie things together but maybe someone actually said something interesting at one occasion.

Something else that would have helped would be if the goddamn pixelated censorship would be gone, I do see the point in the censorship when they are showing some scenes that is suppose to be a part of their documentary but when things get going everything is censored, even the gory bits and to be honest there wasn´t that much gore in it anyway, nothing out of the ordinary either, well it started to go somewhere in the end but then it took a twist and some people that expected this to be their goriest, most disturbing moment ever and have high hopes to bust their visceraloving nuts will probably be pissed off in violent Hulk manners.

My advice for you who haven´t seen this one yet is to throw everything you have heard about his movie in the meatgrinder, it´s not at all that gory, sick, disturbing, twisted, nasty and whatever people try to sell it off like, it´s not a chocker in any way but I can say this, it was actually a little bit amusing for a movie and I didn´t get violent tantrums as I knew that people are pretty much retching up exaggerations over these movies, a lot of them are probably selling overpriced copies of this movie too, wouldn´t be the first time that happened and some people are probably just babbling without even have seen it.

It´s not PG 13 though, there are plenty of nakedness, humpings, some guts and torture and the menstrual scenes are fun as hell, but there was just the small amount of time in the ending that I thought that it was going to deliver the goods and they cheated me with something that I´m not going to spoil, sorry you have to buy your own copy for that or borrow it from a friend or whatever but mark my words and don´t believe the hype!