Written by: Richard Taylor

EL Gore's breakout sickness and sleaze masterpieces of pussy violating, anal masticating carnage are now finally released in one set for all to masturbate to while sitting on broken bottles for fun. The whole fucked up package is really all in good humor and EL Gore and the sick pricks at Grindhouse Family Filmworks out of Germany wouldn't have it any other way.

El Gore´s Snuff Tape Anthology is a series of celluloid terrors meant to be watched by you and your whole family. The perfect time would be around Christmas. Get your parents, grandparents, Uncle Jim and Aunt Martha, gather around the fireplace and let the cum flow on the dead corpses of your children you just sacrificed to Santa Clause. Running from the beginning of the series to the end, we see everything from babies, men, women, corpses of women, and more babies getting violated, mutilated and dominated in every vile manner possibly conceived by the human psyche. Evisceration's, skull-fucking, pissing, shitting, necrophilia, chainsaw carving, knives penetrating pussies, castrations, toilet brush violation, spare change in sock beatings, nailing dicks to boards, ejaculating on corpses, microwaving - it’s all here and more. If you can think of a way to kill or violate a corpse then it’s fucking here and if not Grindhouse Family Filmworks will probably take your suggestions and make another fucking series of tapes!!!

I'd hate to think the filmmakers take this shit seriously. Some stuff is so extreme and over the top it must be taken tongue-in-cheek (I hope!!!). This copy I'm reviewing is a promo disc which also comes with a kick ass soundtrack on a second disc of music used in the Snuff Tape Anthology. It features sick-assed goregrind, mostly from Anal Fistfuckers, one from Kadaverficker and one from Deathtopia. The majority of the songs were featured in Snuff Tape 3: Red, Dead and Brown which is also one of my favorites in the series because it piles up so much more sickness with the longer 20 minute running time. The Snuff Tape Anthology was also available in a beautiful leather bound and bloodstained edition for all the collectors out there.

My favorites in the series are the aforementioned part 3. Part 2 also, because it’s a woman (the beautiful Isabelle Fitzgerald) doing the killing. Not to mention a hot (literally hot piss) scene where she pulls aside her panties and urinates on her male victim (Am I a sicko? Probably) but isn't everyone who sought out this fucked up release!? How could I tell it was Fitzgerald? Tattoo on the outer thigh of course and then again in Snuff Tape 7 where Fitzgerald even gets more buck wild with extreme close up genital nudity and appearing in the short completely naked for its duration. It’s simply awesome!!!!! Did I mention Snuff Tape 7 was a favorite of mine as well? The kicker of Snuff Tape 7 is when the killer shows up in the bathroom (which is used for most of the series’ entries) in his orange jump suit and upside down crossed skull mask, carrying what looks like a rock glass with a highball in it. The Hugh Heffner of gore anyone!?

Everything is mutilated and fucked in this series, so why not throw some animals in the mix!? We get what looks like dolls (meant to be babies) being disfigured, gutted, microwaved and stepped on, so let’s round up some cats (should be a Chinese food restaurant around there somewhere) or the neighbor’s dog, fuck it! Snuff Tape 7 also took a different direction with the soundtrack by not using goregrind. Instead they went with a dungeon-like Godflesh/Brighter Death Now sounding industrial noise vibe. On this anthology as well, is the lost snuff tape which is totally silent but shows a corpse getting violated and came on in the series’ usual delightful fashion. I love the titles of the first 3 in the series, very clever! We get Black & Died (features a baby corpse being mutilated), Red & Yellow is a great title because a corpse is pissed on and Dead, Red & Brown of course features, drum roll, the killer (usually El Gore himself) getting down with the brown on a corpse's rotting head (I'm also thinking he had one hell of a meal before shooting, holy shit, literally).

All underground gore aficionado's need to get this release. It’s practically religion to do so and blasphemy if you do not. Grindhouse Family Filmworks, Black Lava Entertainment, Morbid Vision Films, D.I.Y. Productions and Unearthed Films and a select few more I can't remember at the moment, are the best companies on the go releasing true, balls out, no bullshit underground horror right now, take note!