Artist: Corpsefuck
Album: Rotten Fuckmachine

Year: 2016
Genrer: Death Metal
Run time: 16 minutes
My rating: 1.5 out of 5

Now there’s extreme death, and then there is EXTREME DEATH! We’ve been honored with countless bands in this genre, often a black humor spiced, perversion of death metal. Do you remember "Torsofuck" with its fancy wrapping of two Chinese people who poop while kissing eachother, with a touch of a slightly disturbing drum machine? Titles like "Raped By Elephants" and "Four Legged Whore" attracted laughter and would make for a perfect park binge headbanging experience.

Of course, both before and after this album, similar bands have oozed out just as many dubious titles and even worse album covers. Some cruel and violent acts, and some horribly crappy. And here we have the swedish band Corpsefuck (Suck on that choice of band name, incredibly clever)!

The recipe is exactly the same as ALL genre comrades who came before, with horrible samples, clean vomit-inducing poor production and the... worst... fucking... titles... please God and Allah... "Robin Hood and His Sexslaves"? extremely enjoyable. "Pigfucking Torture"?.. even more fun and so innovative. "Rotten Fuckmachine"... well you get the point.

And these fucking samples, we will not go into it too much.. but it's a sound collage assembled by an amateur who obviously is turned on by infant-screams mixed with the sound of vomit, intestinal cleansing and violence porn/child porn! This is very innovative, even for 2016!

The vocals are sometimes pretty cool and from time to time they remind you of something that could be taken from a torture session with ABRUPTUM. But other times they break out in growls so clumsily performed that one can't help but to be ashamed of listening to it.

The drums.. fortunately has variety, I'll admit.. D-beat mixed with blast beats and actually there are also old-fashioned double-pedals that gives you a glimpse of light in the rectum we are in now located in.. and like always things go to shit and this is probably the worst riff ever.. What the hell is this about? Who lets their everyday organ playing, retarded little eleven year old brother hold the string, bending the guitar? Without exaggerating, you will hear simple, cheap riffs that are used by every less talented garage band.

The sampling of "The Three Friends and Jerry" in the penultimate song "My Master" s final stage made me put a smile on my face.. even more it gave me the desire to be a child again, and continue to be naively unaware of how ludicrous useless the music was I liked back then. Now we are off! I won't say anything to anybody, so let's forget this!

This shit gets a two-pointer for the humorous sampling of the children's program and the final sampling of Nekromantiks infamous soundtrack that made the parting from the EP a bit easier. Everything in between is really as bad as it'll ever get.


Band members:
Nihilisten - Drums, Guitars, Additional Vocals
Ezra - Vocals, Bass

Label: Independent
Country: Sweden

Bandcamp: https://corpsefuck.bandcamp.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/corpseSwe