Artist: Body Core
Album: Human Ferox

Year: 2016
Genrer: Avantgarde, Death Metal, Progressive Metal
Run time: 38 minutes
My rating: 3.5 out of 5

I know that I've crossed ways with this band long ago, but that casual moment was nothing that my memory retained for some reason, one day when I by mistake and with a sudden strike of luck saw the promovideo for the track “The State OF Black Putrefaction” that kind of caught me off guard and after that I was hooked, and I'm more than certain that I will remember the music of Body Core from now on, my certainty did become a fact as I bought the digital release of the album (sadly it seems like no one have printed it in a physical format yet) and played the whole thing on repeat for a whole day.

Just throwing a glimpse on the logo, cover and the titles doesn't do Human Ferox any justice as it could be displaced as an ordinary goreslabbed old school Death Metal or it could get confused with the newer brutal Slam Death Metal albums, this is so far from anything that should be a logical possibility in the extreme metal scene yet it is, and everything seems to fit as smooth as a lubricated various necropart shoved up in someones joytrail, but on the other hand after you have listened to the whole album and then closely observes the cover it seems to be constructed with the same ambiguos finess as the music itself.

The album blasts off with a groovy brutality that could be compared to the same aesthetics that Dying Fetus and Cannibal Corpse occationally utilizes but then things changes and becomes extremely interesting to say at least. Body Core do have a foundation in the groovier and the more melodic part of Death Metal, luckily without being all too technical, Djenty or Metalcoreish and they seem to have a little fetish for surprises as there are alot of alien musical implements and weird, paradoxal compositions that's thrown in with a less serious mindset but still arranged with care to the point that's nothing like something in veins of Excrementory Grindfuckers for example, even though Human Ferox is soaked in black humour both lyrically and in a sense musically it´s absolutely not a parody.

On “Human Ferox” the band successfully blends groove with Old School Death Metal like Dismember, Revolting, Puteraeon, Blood Mortized and in some way manages to whisk things up with a bit of melodic Death Metal and that part ranges from Excretion, Eternal Lies, Eucharist to the later form of the scene like Insomnium, Night in Gales, Omnium Gatherum and even In Flames Whoracle and Jester Race seems to be on the list, and even now it feels like an impossibility to do anything that could create a solid sound but there is more, so much more!

Between the brutality and the melodic parts we have saxofones, jazz, trumpets, classical music, acoustic guitars that relieves you from the blasting punishment in a couple of seconds until the violence surprises you again, baroque music, carneval music and well it seems like everything goes anywhere and whenever, the most impressive thing is that everything is assembled in such a way that nothing feels all too far away from the musical concept, not even the surprising ending of the last song Exit (1-3), I'm not going to spoil anything this is something that have to be experienced, and as always that part is surprisingly well made, even though it has a whole bunch of non-metal interludes the whole album still lives, breathes and rots with every stage of Death Metal but yet clings to the fact that it's real Death Metal that is being delivered and there is no doubt about that.

So musically what we seem to have here is something old, something new and something extremely creative that have been wed together in a  perfect (dis)harmony, and it's all recorded with a clear production that emphasizes all the instruments in a great way.

And last but not least, the vocals, an extremely important aspect in extreme metal and rarely appreciated by people outside the scene, Dan's vocals accompanies the music more than well as his abilities to use his lungs/diaphragm/throat seems to be as diverse as the compositions, Bottomdeep growls, articulate screams that could be grounded in both melodic Death and could almost pass of into the Hardcore scene and those vocals eruptions are delivered in many different ways and creates some extremely cleansounding catchy refrains to bity, gnarly aggressive passages, and even a couple of squeals are delivered wherever they seemed to fit.

Human Ferox was a pleasant experience and a refreshing take on the genre that I definitely enjoyed in many ways, it will be interesting to see where the guys are heading with their next release. The only complaint I have would be the abrupt ending that chopped off the song Consensual Cannibalism (Antropophagist Excarnation).


Band members:
Nicklas Wallén - Bass, Guitars (acoustic), Flute (Bengal), Balalaika, Tibetian singing bowl, Maracas, Frame drums, Tambourine, Vocals (clean)
Håkan Johansson - Drums
Christian Vasselbring - Guitars, Flute (western concert), Saxophone
Markus Wallén - Guitars, Trumpet, Clapping, Vocals (backing)
Dan Hejman - Vocals, Vocals (chants), Claves, Tambourine, Güiro, Clapping, Lyrics

Label: Independent
Country: Sweden

Bandcamp: http://bodycore.bandcamp.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Body-Core/96935294305