Written by Harry Collins.

In the last 20 years or so, Europe has pumped out some of the goriest and most extreme underground films of all times. German splatter films have been the most popular in recent years, with the kings of German Splatter directors such as Olaf Ittenbach, Andreas Schnaas, Timo Rose, and Andreas Bethmann.  But hardly any one in the underground film world has really heard of many gory films coming out of Russia until the last few years.

Russian gore director Andrey Iskanov exploded on the scene with his films Philosophy of a Knife, Nails, and Visions of Suffering. The Russian film Green Elephant (1999) still haunts my dreams today. Russian splatter was born and new directors were exposing their gory and wonderful films to the world. One of the newest Russian gore directors is Alex Wesley (Alexander Sharoglazov).

He has been busy pumping out blood and gore films for the last few years. One of my favorite films that Alex has done is Zombie Infection. This is the first zombie film to come out of Russia.
Zombie Infection has all-star horror cast including Ted Vernon (Scarecrows), Richard Vidan (Hard-rock Zombies), Rod Sweitzer (Psycho Cop), Harry Bromley-Davenport (Xtro), Andreas Schnaas (Violent Shit series), Claudio Fragasso (Hell of the Living Dead).

   Alex  is a huge fan of the 80's horror film Scarecrows (1988) and had to have Ted Vernon play a part in his film. Alex went as far as selling his apartment and his other personal items to pay the salaries of his vintage horror film cast. The plot of Zombie Infection is very fun and simple. Kill nasty fucking zombies in very gory fashions.  Ted Vernon's character goes to Russia to see his estranged half brother. While visiting, a zombie outbreak happens in a small village due to someone dumping experimental chemicals in the locals drinking water. The zombies in this film are very colorful and grotesque looking. Alex did an amazing job of making each zombie very unique. The makeup and effects are done by Alex, as well as the writing and directing of his films. The blood and gore in this film resembles early German splatter  of the 90's at times but has a certain colorful toxic look to it. Like fallout after a nuke goes off and there is nothing left but radiation, gore, and zombies.

   The gore and splatter flows when zombie killer Ted Vernon goes on a zombie killing spree across the Russian country side, fucking up anything dead that gets in his way.  The film is shot in a very interesting way. Certain colors are dull while other colors are highlighted with extreme color. This makes the film look very psychedelic  and surreal at times. There are certain parts of the film that are very dark and strange at times, like a scene where an older man turning into an oozing bloody zombie turns a double barrel shotgun on himself.  All in all, this Russian splatter film is very fun and entertaining . Highly recommended for fans of early 90's German splatter films. To buy a copy of Zombie Infection and Alex Wesley's other films, go to Leglesscorpsefilms.com.  Have a gory one folks.