TOUGH (2011)

Written by David Chopping

From Bernie and Butch, the Von Claude Brothers. Aussie as fuck and guys who don’t compromise! They create a vision with Tough that doesn’t hold back. Butch is The Dude, a one man wrecking ball!

but even the toughest can get knocked down!
Past actions catch up and really fuck things up!

Play it if You Dare… The Dude Was The Man! But abuse has taken its toll and now he is just a guy in a garage looking upon past glories. Shitting and pissing in a bucket! Hitting the booze and coke hard, a one-man party in his afro wig. Calling up a woman to party with but no deal. “Fuck you bitch!”

Tough! Belts himself on the back with a studded belt till he bleeds. Lifts weights! No pain no gain! Get fucking tough! Looking in a mirror….”fuck you!” Shadow boxing, could have been a contender! But steroids have taken their toll!! Jacking of shows how much, and now how ‘little’ is left.

No more women, just sick and disturbing porn! From one extreme to another! So he can feel something. More booze and more coke to get psyched up for one big fuck you! Party time before it all crashes down. Total fucking nihilistic destruction! Eat some of the shit from the bucket before washing it down with some urine. Drink it all up and don’t waste any! Load the .45 and put it in his mouth, to his head…but no! Fuck this shit he destroys his temple to his past greatness. Then one last fuck you. One last unveiling to the effects of the darker side of bodybuilding,, his bitch tits. Cut the fuckers off! Fuck you! With a meat cleaver bam! Losing a lot of blood it isn’t enough. There is one little detail left! Cut off his last piece of shame and place his cock on the table as he shoots out blood everywhere. Fuck the world! R.I.P Dude!

Bernie and Butch create fucking a real piece of gore, sickness, filth, insanity and depravity in one 20 minute punch to the face and kick to the balls. Original and without compromise! My fellow Aussie’s do it themselves to create something ingenious and totally fucked up. Extreme horror cinema that truly is fucked up! Man I dug the fuck out of it so much I bought it for a gift to a couple of filmmakers including Kasper Julh who I believe stated something about this being crazy as fuck…not the exact quote but the feel of the words. Also got myself a Limited press Duro release for myself. I do hope the Von Claude Brothers bring more exploitive material to us! Dig their style!