TANTRUM (2015)

Written by: Richard Taylor.

Entering the world of James Bell is a fucking shock to the system for the first time, intense, brooding, atmospheric, depressing, sick and gory all rolled into one. I've heard of his work but witnessing this for the first time is quite the nut kicking experience. This 30 min plus short is a prime example of the madness in his world, a place where carnage reigns supreme and the visions of darkness and defiling mutilations are alive and well.

This review was originally edited and posted
by Chris Mayo at Severed Cinema.

Starting as a deviant filmmaker in his hometown of Detroit Michigan, he first released the 2013 short Dog Dick. He's the owner of Very Fine Crap Videos and a self taught underground movie making cosmonaut. All of Bell's releases have crazy hand sketched artwork and contain nothing but love for the underground style of film making.

The bizarre musical score adds to the infecting style of storytelling. A trip into an existential hell where life and death seems to have no meaning but the path to torture, killing and perversion reign supreme. Tantrum is a 30 minute trip of pure unadulterated debauchery. There also contains a lot of symbolism and fuck you's to religion especially during a particular scene of self anal violation with a crucifix in a beautiful myriad of projectile diarrhea and blood.

The screen a washes with blood, guts, semen and feces. Tantrum is an underground film lovers dream, a total punk anarchist movie making style and a not giving a fuck attitude which prevails in some honest eye gouging gore short mayhem and its masterful, someone to looked at in admiration and awe. Contact James Bell or Very Fine Crap Videos for some mind altering madness, you won't be sorry, embrace his love for the blackness.