Written by Magnus Blomdahl

After having finished my first interview-book True Horror (Äkta Skräck) too many years ago, I hesitated on what to do next. I started a couple of projects – one of them focusing on 70/80-s porn and the rough climate of New York at this time – but never managed to settle. 
Finally I decided to do some sort of sequel, continuing the style of True Horror, but also more of a travel-journal.

True Horror 2 mixes interviews with my own reflectations and objective observations by making it much more personal than my first book. In the beginning I also wanted to get away from standard provocations, boring gore and rape orgies. I wanted to meet the directors behind my favourite movies. Starting with french masters like Pascal Laugier – whom I unfortunately missed because I was ten minutes late to our meeting … – Xavier Gens, Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury. Continuing with other idols like Fabrice du Welz and Joel M Reed.

   Travelling around the world, spending a lot of money on cheap flight tickets, cigarettes – I always smoke when I'm travelling – beer and food. Nice hotels and great weather. Everything enjoyable, and very safe. Until I met up with German sicko Marian Dora. After tracking him for six months – it's really hard trying to find a person with no Facebook or twitter and eight different pseudonyms – I recieved an e-mail basically just asking me what I wanted. So we met up at a hotel in the middle of Germany and chatted for several hours about film-making, rumours and rumours that weren't rumours.

Marian Dora is a highest ordinary man, 45 years old, wearing jeans jacket, cap and a Charles Manson T-shirt. A little unsure and uncomfortable at first. But then he talked on about church desecration, cruelty to animals and how far he is willing to go in the name of art. Dora's main actor Carsten Frank were forced to hide a rotten carcasses under his coat in the middle of a scene in a church, because the priest enters the doors. The smell was so disgusting and the priest's words was: " - I can feel the presence of Satan."

My interview with Dora will contain so many classic quotes and anecdotes that I really should exclude all other chapters from True Horror 2, and withdraw the first one and write about it under the name True Horror: Marian Dora. Later I also decided to go back and make a documentary on his masterpiece Melancholie der Engel. The scariest thing with all of this is that I really like the guy and enjoy his company. By the way, that might say more about me than him.

Right now I'm finishing the last chapter of True Horror 2 – VLF Laboratories porn/horror/fuck/shit-massacres – and it feels like I'm basically back to where it all started: the extreme side of horror. Next book will be about gardening though. True Horror 2 is set for release late 2016/early 2017 on Vertigo förlag.