Zobibor is one of those few bands that simply sticks in to your head. During my visit to Hönö, Gothenburg in 2005, I got to experience Zobibors first demo 'Sodomatic Hate” before it was released. Since then I can't help listening it at least once every 3 months. It had such a soundscape that I always dreamed about experiencing when I was introduced to the Black Metal genre. It was much more evil than any Mayhem-release ever done. It's dirty and raw from superficial skin, next to fierce marrow. It's malicious, gritty and very hating - A peculiar mixture of punk, death and black metal. But unfortunately neither Goliath (ex- Sworn) or P.Penetrator (ex- Morbid Insulter, The Third Eye Rapists) wants to know about the demo as it's written in a period of their life they don't want to be associated with today. More about that later!

In 2011, Zobibor released their EP 'In Transylvania' via the company Death Invocation Records. With a completely new set of members and a different sound that's similar to a new generation of rock'n'roll filled with horror punk. I don't pretend that the sound production is particularly good, but I like the new tone and its feeling with several guitar riffs that offers enormous scrotum kicks with a blacked meltdown in Chernobyl. The atmosphere is a perfect fit to the image and the message Zobibor now want to convey.

Lyrically, it's still as raw as before, but they have been able to bind the message in a different guise in which the listener gets a reasonable perception of its metaphors of drugs, perversion and sodomy. It's like a mixture of bands like 'Order of the Vultures' and 'Hot Graves' but with a horror-filled production that can't even be described in words.

I’m pretty gladfull for finally getting the chance to make a sort of interview with the singer and guitarist of Zobibor, David Goliath. I wished I could do a much longer one, but I promised him to come back to him in future issues.

Greigh Johanson:
What started Zobibor and whose idea was it?

 David Goliath:
- Zobibor was initially an idea a buddy of mine had, it was he who came up with the name. I think he was inspired by Driller Killers name and the old Swedish band Treblinka. From the beginning the idea was to name it "Sobiborr" and have a drill within the logo (I know, it's so damn bad). That dude, another guy and I started to scratch at a song called "plague" or "pestilence" or something, in a rehearsal room at Hönö, Gothenburg - it went at a pace that tried to sound like early Nifelheim, but instead it sounded like an old boat engine - two or three chord riffs in the style of 'Von' and a vocal-song that sounded like 'Nunslaughter'. Today, I regret that we never took a strapper during the rehearsal, because it had been fun to listen to it today. It was terribly bad. A lot of it was because the other two guys weren't musicians at all.

- Later I took the name of the idea and changed the first letter into a "Z" (more about that will be shown below), and began writing songs by myself at the home of another pal using a POD, and his computer , it was on this material that P.Penetrator later started playing drums and we came up with the demo "Sodomatic Hate", whose title is a modification of that word Hell Butcher in Nifelheim screaming in the chorus of Sadistic Blood Massacre; "Sodomatic Rape" - I don't even think the word "Sodomatic" really exists in the English language. I think it's only a conjugation of the word "Sodomy", which Nifelheim came up with themselves. I like the South American misspelled metal lyrics and of course I like Nifelheim as well, so I thought the title was good enough, which I don't think today. Honestly, I couldn't remember the reason why I put a "Z" at the beginning of the name. But today I remember that it was due to that the word should be pronounced "TZobibor" - Someone or something whispered in in my ear.

What members were in the band from the very beginning?

- It doesn't feel relevant to tell you what these guys names were, because we only played five times together.

Why did you choose to hush the first demo "Sodomatic Hate"?

- Simply because the text material is so terribly bad. It's written in my previous life, and most of my past life was pretty disastrous. I certainly don't want anyone to read those texts as they may be interpreted very wrong, and contribute to things that are not in unity with my work today. I've had a drawing all my life and it was when I wrote Zobibors first demo in an infantile stage. I simply couldn't express what I wanted to say because I couldn't articulate it, not even to myself. When you can't show exactly where you are, you tend to point to others and say they’re wrong. You can compare it with the way that Nietzsche calls the resentment; you feel inferior when you know that their path is wrong, but you don't know which way to go yourself. I can admit that I at that time felt small and weak to society as I then lived in - with "world order" - even if I always did any form of resistance, and I can admit it without shame, because I, with the help of hard work, avoid such crap today. Zobibor must act to encourage and excite, not fatten depressed people to be more secure in their own misery - Other bands may deal with such crap if they want - None mentioned.

Were there any consequences from you decision between you and other members?

- No, I 've never really been an enemy to any member or former member of Zobibor.

Why didn't the song "Heroin Messiah" get an official release?

- Simply because I was lazy and devoted myself to other things (like alcohol and drugs ) , we were actuallymeant to record it to "IN TRANSYLVANIA " ep , but forgot about it when we were in the studio.

How many live-performance have you done?

- One, at the old Truckstop Alaska - It was me, P.Penetrator and two session members. It was surprisingly good attendance. I want remember that there were around 50 people by the stage.

Tell us about the recording of "In Transylvania". About the technical aspects and how the EP was created?

- I wrote the songs in the bishop's house when I lived there. It was one big experiment, an attempt to create a hybrid between several different musical styles. The lyrics are (although I'm not completely satisfied with the judgment) relatively good. It was during this period that I, after many years, remembered who I was and what my mission on earth is, and I see "IN TRANSYLVANIA" as a kind of starting point or "birth" of Zobibor and even myself.

- We sat and drank in a rehearsal room in Hönö and recorded everything over a few weeks. We completed recording during a rather primitive ritual; we drank ourselves drunk and greeted the gathering of Christians youths. That night it was "The Hönö-conference" where several thousand Christians occupy half the municipality and spread their conservative crap. We were unpleasant, provoking and we disrupted the meeting. The next day when we were full of fresh hatred, we added the last vocal loops. The place our studio was in is now , in the municipality of initiatives , razed to the ground and there is only little gravel left. Incidentally, it isn't me who sings the song B.D.S.M, but a guest singer from an old demo band called 'Fanskap', he will hopefully will work with Zobibor again.

Where did you get the actual sound of the guitar riffs from in 'In Transylvania'? What has inspired you? I just wondering because It has a huge carnival-feeling to it, so to speak. Have different horror punk bands inspired you? I think of Misfits or Murderdolls or something.

- It's a strange clash of mine 'de mysteriis'-sound and some sort of mastodon sound from the guy who produced the shit - An ugly and stupid bastard who also likes 'Meshuggah' and 'Soundgarden'. Anyway, we used his stuff, but I have no idea how to get that kind of sound. The most important thing is that you fuck-up the sound in some strange way. It can never be too "good" or "fine" - I mean, think about these people who pretend to understand music, suddenly start to like our bands? Ugh, horrible thought!

Do you have anything more to come, or are Zobibor history?

- Zobibor will be heard again, and with a completely different level of both textual and musical commitment. It may happen that the old members will show up as well, but we'll see. The reason that Zobibor has not been more active and productive is simply because I had some other things to stand in. I have more or less forced to away prioritize Zobibor and I will ensure that the band gets the attention it deserves from me in the future, I can promise you that. Thanks!