So how should I start this article without sounding like a complete pervert? Well I can’t, so I won’t even bother trying to avoid it, but I will not get into stuff that makes my blood flush down from my main brain to my smaller brain, and I will definitily not get into what I’m doing with it in that particular situation.

All kinds of paraphilias have more or less interested since the time I actually got a small knowledge about the weird existence that lies far away from the borders of general vanilla relationships, some I just had to read about because of the bizarre nature, others I found a bigger interest in and one that I actually could find my mind being connected to in some way, and that was BDSM (Bondage and Discipline/Dominance and Submission/Sadism and Maschism)

The whole master and slave relationship fascinated my minor megalomaniacal mind to the point that I was running around weird clubs all over Europe even before I reached a legal age. Already being accustome to the body art scene and weird selfdestructive superhuman ideologies I adapted a great interest in pushing the limits of perseverance when it comes to being inflicted with pain, but not with light whipping and cute electrodes more with hooks, needles, scalpels and so on, so nothing erotic in that way.

And ofcourse inflicting pain unto others isn´t the most boring thing in the world erotic or not, and yes I will spare you all of my stories when it comes to this bit. Then the whole fashionable aspect of it intrigued me even more, the bondage bracelets, rings, toys and the fact that latex and leather looks great but it´s something I´ll never wear again, it´s uncomfortable, sweaty, your junk turns in to a fertile ground for jeast infection and it’s a hell of a fartsound-enhancer!

This style have also been adapted in horror movies multiple times and most known for it certainly have to be the Hellraiser series. Now it´s time to leave my thoughts and experience about the subject and have a little history lesson about it instead, but just about the persons that these sexual deviations became named after and not the history of who liked to get spanked in a hankypanky way, because I'm pretty sure that humankind were perverted as soon as the first Sapien prototype crawled up from the primordial ooze and I'm pretty sure that no one have researched the odd sexlife of neanderthals, so let's just settle with these two blokes that serves as the forefathers of kinky pain but in completely opposite ways.

The first one is without a doubt most know to all of us and probably a little bit of an idol to some of us, Donatien Alphonse Francois, Marquise De Sade (17400602-18141202), a man that I became so interested in that I wrote a big essay of him and his jolly adventures in High School, something that didn´t really please my teacher but at least she had the good taste to give me an A, and then uttered something about why I couldn´t be like the normal kids, that have to be one of the most frequent asked questions throughout my life, well that and "are you gay?" for some reason.

De Sade had the luck to be born into an aristocratic family in France and he would later become successful in the military and got entitled as a colonel, something that gave him the opportunity to marry a daughter of a rich magistrates daughter, even though he had to settle for the older daughter when he had set his eyes on the younger one he still manages to breed two sons and a daughter with his newfound wife. Later he became a wellknown politician, philosopher and a writer and lived happily ever after, well if he wasn´t a militant atheist and an extreme pervert in the olden days then that would probably be true.

As an oppressed libertine he sought to desire himself in every way but still in secrecy , so he turned to prostitutes, the young women he hired to work in his castle and his wifes sister amongst others to satisfy him, sadly the word of his behaviour got out as the prostitutes felt that being bound, beaten, whipped, cut, burned and get hot wax poured all over them was a way to harsch treatment, some of them even reported this to the police who put him under surveillance, then he got a roomsarrest in his castle and later he became incarcerated, especially as one accusation seemed all too severe and blasphemous and that was forcing a prostitute to masturbate over a crucifix and then insert it into various orifices.

When De Sade finally felt that the pressure from the state became a little but too tight after they got to know an event with drugs and sodomy, a sexual act that was punishable by death even, De Sade saw no way out so he fled to Italy, twice even, him, his wifes sister and his manservant Latour got caught and thrown in prison but managed to escape and later hid at his castle but yet again had to flee to Italy, but was tricked to return to France when he recieved the awful news that his mother had become severely ill, this was not the case, she was dead since long ago and De Sade got imprisoned for the final time. Luckily he fund the peace and time in prison to write some marvellous books, some with the assisstant of his fellow prisonmate Comte de Mirabeau, a man that also had a passion for writing erotic novells but despise that common interest they hated each others guts.

After being transferred to another prison and later to an Insane Asylum he became divorced from his wife and then released to freedom shortly after the French revolution. Under the time of his free life he found himself a new wife, wrote alot of books anonymously and engaged himself in politics, later he would become dethroned from his high position within the party he supported, mostly due to his radical and freethinking critical views and the fact that he never could sugarcoat anything, but the biggest nail in the coffin slammed down as Napoleon himself wanted the anonymous author to the story Justine and Juliette imprisoned immediately without a trial and preferably even sentenced to death.

The death sentence got lifted as De Sades own family took advantage of their influence and decided to declare him insane, thus he got looked up in the asylum once again. In there he was allowed to write and even set up theatrical plays with the inmates as actors, something that even gained a public audience but seeing as some of the material really didn´t fit the taste of some peope he later got derived of his pens and paper and the show did never go on.

So what did he do now when he couldn´t create stories and plays? well the most rational thing that anyone would think of in that situation, seduce the 14 year old daughter to a worker at the Asylum and take her as his lover until he died 4 years later, because that was completely fine according to society but God beware if someone started to tie up some prostitutes and spank them. After his death his som ordered that the unreleased works of De Sade should be burned, luckily some great books were already released prior to this disaster.

Now to the spankee, the man that gave masochism a face and to the whip a happy buttcheek, Mr Leopold Ritter Von Sacher-Masoch.

Masoch (18360127-19850309) was born in Lemberg, during the time an Austrian state and then it got flagged under the state of Galicia, nowadays it´s a Ukranian city, his parents where of Roman Catholic belief and his mother was a noble woman, and also the last one of the Von Masoch kin so Leopold added the title to continue the heir of their name, in hindsight I think that´s probably a move that his ancestors deeply regrets, and that´s also the reason for his exceptionally long name as he had the surnames of both his father and mother.

Just as De Sade, Leopold was a writer, which further indicates that alot of people that writes are freaky perverts, but contrary to De Sade, Leopold started off to write about society, people and romantic, cultural stories about his birthplace and became known as an eloquent philantropist.

In Leopolds case his sexual deviation was kept a secret for a long time, his appetites was delivered firmly and harschly in the bedroom by his mistresses or his wifes, in many cases the ones he married didn´t really understand his special needs in the bedroom and that could lead to a divorce as Leopold grew pretty bored with not having fresh pink lashes all over his body, but seeminglyas he didn’t hurt anyone else, he could with ease bear his secret for himself and the women that spanked him as I doubt anyone would like to share such experiences in that time.

The most successfull lovelife he seemed to have in his life except for the lovingly painful marriage with Aurora Rumelin was with his mistress Frau Pistor whom he made a contract with, for six months he would be her loyal slave and she would treat him as she pleased, and if she was in a certainly cruel mood she would wear nothing but fur as she wielded the whip, but six hours a day he would have a private time so that he could continue his work as an author, the book that´s based on this experience became one of his biggest and most wellknown works by the name "Venus in Furs". In his late fifties his mental state became extremely unstable and he became admitted to the asylum where he spended his last years.