Written by: Tim Nordstedt

 In the beginning of this year I made an attempt to list the most anticipated releases of 2016, I am chocked and a bit ashamed to admit that I completely missed that an oddball, unique band from Berlin with undoubtedly the greatest name in the scene was about to release their first fullength album.

Seriously, any extreme metalband who have the balls to name themselves after a Lesley  Gore song deserves a reward in my opinion, but let´s put the genial choice of a bandname aside and put the focus sternly towards the most important thing, which obviously would be the music.

Before this release S&L have released an EP and a split with the band Wigrid, with those few tracks they successfully combined ravaging Black Metal from all waves, filthy straightforward Punk and Dieselfuelled Rock´n´Roll and with their talent it proved to be an extremely effectful and a pleasant mix to say at least.

So the primary questions that I had for this release was: What has changed and are they actually capable of releasing a fullength that will retain my interest throughout the whole album?
I was more than anxious to find out the answers.

The CD arrived with a flashing speed from Bleeding Heart Nihilist Productions, and the first change I noticed with the album in my hand is that they have upgraded their logo, a nifty, symmetric little thing that actually fits perfect to the music and the bandname at the same time,  the artwork seems to have hints from Asian mysticism and ofcourse alcohol, slap on a title that serves as a subtle parody of a famous Monty Python song and it´s a clear winner!

Musically I would say that the base of the recipe is still the same, Black Metal, Trash, Punk and Rock that blends like water, malt and hops and get´s brewed to a mighty fine beverage, but this time they did add a great sting to everything and the percentage of this outcome is high enough to knock an elephant on it´s back.

The material is wilder, untamed and more diverse but there is still a sense of order in the musical anarchy, the organized cacophony serves as the spirit that get´s mixed with second wave Black Metal melodies, Punk, Crust and Rock have evidently increased in volume, then add a little bit of classical acoustic guitar and a pinch of other surprises and then stir, I think that this is one grog that not many people would complain at.
Personally I´m enjoying the hell out of this musical drowse.

 And as everyone knows, you can´t pass around alcohol without being an offensive loudmouth, so let´s try to tackle and describe the vocals, they are pretty hard to pin especially to a certain genre, sort of imagine Aldrahn, Tomas Lindberg, Mika Luttinen, Freddy Cricien, Sergeant Salsten, Niklas Kvarforth and Jerry Lang get´s wasted on some nuclear liquid and transmorphs into a vocal symbyosis, or something in that direction.
Angry, throaty, hysterical yet articulate shoutings that never threads the unclear fieds of death growls or black screams, falsettos and gangvocals are also present, in the third track " The Solemn Resentment of the Pesant" the vocals are a little more Hardcore styled and the song does have a really catchy chorus I might add.

The lyrics serves as a pitchblack, overfilled colostomybag thrown at society, despite being critical in a honest, pessimistic form it´s still occasionally delivered with a tongue in cheek formula, my absolute favourite line is spitefully ignited in "Are We Having Fun Yet" and it goes "You´re the fool who makes up goals to reach, Fuck your practice, fuck that shit you preach!
You´ve got food for thought, and i´ve got puke, any place you´re at is ours to nuke" that is pretty much the lovely vein we´re tapping at here.

The music of "Empty- Always look at the dull side" might not be the most suitable subject for a raging riot despite the anarchistic verses and musical aggression, it´s more for the times you need to get in the woods with a case of strong beers and tell the whole pissdrained gutter of a systematical, classjudging concretejungle to fuck right off!

Release: February 29, 2016
Style; Black, Crust, Punk, Trash, Rock
Label: Bleeding Heart Nihilist Production