Written by: Tim Nordstedt.

Voices started in 2012 by Peter Benjamin (ex-Akercocke, ex-Order of Apollyon, ex-Corpsing), David Gray (The Antichrist Imperium, ex-Akercocke), Sam Loynes (The Antichrist Imperium, Talanas (live), ex- Akercocke (live)) and Dan Abela (Sarah Jezebel Deva) pretty much directly after the break up with Akercocke, the ideas and compositions seemed to fly by in a rapid speed as their debut album "From the Human Forest Create a Fugue of Imaginary Rain" saw the light or maybe the darkness of it´s existence a year later, I did look into it but I suppose my expectations where way too high to the point that I really couldn´t get into the music.

As another year passed by Voices released yet another album in a rapid pace with the simple title "London", I felt somewhat obliged to give this one a fair chance and with or without expectations this album would have caught me completely off guard and if I had discovered the existence of this album earlier it would have topped the 2014 favourite albums that I listed a while ago. Voices have the same relations with Akercocke as The Antichrist Imperium have, while both have adapted the main ingredience The Antichrist Imperium bases their sound in the more brutal death metal amongst the many influences and styles and Voices, while having brutal blasting parts they seem to focus on the more calmed parts and have more of a black metal feel to their sound, later era Emperor actually comes to mind in times.

The music and vocals are as strongly diverse as the rest of the bands afore-mentioned and they have built something mindfull, exciting and fascinating without the satanic imagery, the sex is still in there but without flaunting a collage of voluptious female bodyparts all over the cover.

Londons tunes draws from the modern black and draws it around the palet to a proggressive scale and then dips it into death, goth, doom and a little bit of industrial and pennes it further into a living gray mural that comes to life in your own mind, and then swifts thrugh the damp decadent philosophical pleasures of mental inhuman apathy and a superficial, social discomfort that may result in a slighter comfortable selfdestruction. Voices even have the decent taste to include piano interludes and as their fellow countrymen in Axis of Perdition they even have an audiobook sounding narration to their songs, but unlike what Axis of Perdition did with their album "Urfe" Voices serves their narration short and tasteful and focuses on the music.

Just like Sam Lyones performance in The Antichrist Imperium Peter Benjamin manage to surprise me with his skillfull vocal range here, in the extremer forms the harscher are more based in raspier black metal and with some very articulate cleaner less throatier growls, and in times he even shouts out some twisted, whailing screams that you can hear in the most of the angsridden black metal acts that set to cry out their tortured minds as highpitched and soulbroken as they can.

The clean vocals are even more stunning as he in times actually sounds like Jason Mendonca, he even have his style when he shouts in a theatralic cursing way, in times I thin that Sam contributes with his vocals on this album due to the fact that it really sounds like the same vocals that he delivers in The Antichrist Imperium but more even and better mixed.

After being stunned by this album I had to go back and listen to From the Human Forest Create a Fugue of Imaginary Rain again and I can safely say that it is a great album by all means, more blackish and straight forward than London but still an absolute great release!

Released: November 17th, 2014.
Style: Progressive Black/Death Metal
Label: Candlelight Records