Written by: Richard Taylor.

Montreal underground maestro Nekro Kaos is flooding the waves with some of the sickest shit to ever rear its ugly head in the horror scene. A self made independant filmmaking fiend with an eye for only the most twisted and depraved snuff and necrophilia style movies Kaos has dedicated himself to his craft full time and running his company D.I.Y. productions. With 3 new projects in the works (Blood Orchestra, Meat Butcher Baby 2 and Underground Gore Dealers Connection 2) as well as merchandising these projects things are only going to get more demented!

This review was originally edited and posted
by Chris Mayo at Severed Cinema.

Kaos and his dark mistress Nemesis Bathory are a force to be reckoned with and I look forward to more of their work, I'm also proud to say they are Canadian and for once some of the craziest underground movies aren't coming out of Germany or Japan or the U.S. as in previous years, these are fellow Canadians with a penchant for true gore!

Necromance is an example of low budget gureilla filmmaking at its finest and despite the budget the movie is extremely effective, a little too effective at times, its crazy! The whole movie takes place in an apartment where a woman is drugged, murdered and left to rot in a bathtub only to be dismembered and molested by a crazed necrophile. The viewer gets to watch the corpse rot in a time lapse as the maggots engulf it.

Kaos told me that he played the killer in the film and the necrophile played by a friend he claims to not have much contact anymore had never been in a film before but damn this fucker is one sick and twisted individual!!!!

Think Nekromantik, Necrophile Passion, Aftermath times a hundred! The actor fingerbangs in graphic detail the fake rotting corpse rubbing the shit and bile from its orfices all over his face and then actually penetrates it in full detail endlessly and the viewer gets to see it all. Not only does he really fuck it but to add more ghastly icing on the cake a rotting baby corpse is thrown into the mix and the necrophile decapitates it and penetrates the head in graphic close up detail (in a tribute of sorts to A Serbian Film, Kaos told me) as well with his bloody member sliding in and out of its orfices.

This is by far one of the most extreme pieces of cinema I have ever witnessed and purchased.

Rating: 4 out of 5