Artist: Hordes of the Apocalypse
Album: The Melting Body Horror Experience

Year: 2016
Genrer: Black Metal, Crust Punk, Hardcore, Thrash Metal
Run time: 24 minutes
My rating: 3.5 out of 5

Hordes of the Apocalypse is one band that I never thought I would write a review for, mostly due to the fact that me and Greigh go way back and we are both involved with Goregasmic, and I´m speed-doodling up some of their covers (something that may give me stressrelated traumas in the future) so it sort of felt like it would be a little bit of a nepotism-like warning going on, and people would probably accuse me of being bias in their favour  if I started to biblically praise the hell out of their albums.

But when I started to listen to "The Melting Body Horror Experiment" my small gray cells took a quick U-turn in my brain and i realized that I am actually THE person that should review this album, why? well I have absolutely nothing to do with their music, I have listened and been aware of HOTA before they even had a bandname or started to record vocals, but the most important reason is that I´m always honest in my reviews, if some of my closest friends would give me crap to write about, I will be more than happy to show them where I keep my garbage.

I trust that you all have checked out their former releases "Now They Are Everywhere! There Is No Escape!" and "By Sword, By Pick, By Axe, Bye Bye"? in other case you should go back from the beginning and update yourself in a cronological order, every release have a small evolution to the sound and a different concept to it.

The musical primordial ooze of this project have always been a strong Crust and Trash base that gets spiced up with a bit of Death, Black, Speed, Heavy, Punk and Rock with samples of cult and sleaze horror movies, not in the ongoing, annoying way of Mortician or Meat Shits, it´s a little bit more thought put to it, like pieces of the soundtrack or something that seems randomly weird but mixes in with the rest of the musical arrangements in a smooth way.

In "Melting" the duo takes the sound further down the weirdo whirl and adds even more unorthodox elements, trumpets, jazz, spacey samples that seems to be taken from a 50s Sci Fi show, stomachacheing choir-reminescent humming, Hardcore gang vocals, 70s Disco, falsetto with an emphasize on false, funk, groove, a vocal addition that sort of sounds like Count von Count from The Muppets with an extra aggressive TRRRRRansylvanian accent, and a grammar that will drive all respectable English teachers to collective suicide!

The production value is surprisingly good for utilizing a homestudio, cellphones, and everything is pinned in one take which make these guys more raw,recording royalists than Dark Throne and Gast, but maybe not in the same division as early Pesttanz and Satans Troll though, but one thing is for sure, these guys are one of the top 3 fastest releasing metal artists out there, and I´m sure that they can throw out a new record every single week if they wanted to.

So I think by now you realize that  everything is not stable with these compositions but it´s fun, catchy and refreshing as hell if you´re not prefering your music in a deadset serious mode, in that case I can promise you that you will have a massive, hard stick up your pooper the few seconds you can hold yourself from not frantically pressing the Stop button until it gets permanentally stuck.

HOTA is not a band that will release any kind of celebrated masterpieces and that´s not their goal either, some bands want to laugh the whole way to the bank while HOTA would rather laugh at the attention of their cyberhaters while creating multitudes of albums.

This project is as horrormovie possessed as Frightmare, Offal, Fondlecorpse and Gruesome Stuff Relish, as serious as Municipal Waste, F.K.Ü, Gwar, Doctor Living Dead and Ghoul, as wacky as Carnival of Coal, Whourkr and Porky Vagina and it´s pretty much enough to put a big smile on my face while I´m modestly banging my head.

It´s all a hell of a moshing blend but in the end, for some reason it all works out, and you seriously have to adapt the good taste to mildly admire a band that takes alot of different influences and shakes it´s hand with respect while at the same time flipping it off with a big fat, greasy middlefinger.

Usually when it comes to odd things I like I would advice people to check it out, press play and just take it for what it is, in this case though I suppose my suggestion would be to press play and wonder "what the fuck is this?".


Band members:
Thomas Nyholm - Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals
Greigh Johanson - Vocals, Samples, Lyrics

Label: Black Lion Records
Country: Sweden

Bandcamp: https://hordesoftheapocalypse.bandcamp.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HordesoftheApocalypse/