Written by: Richard Taylor.

Cannibal Messiah may be one of the funniest and goriest underground German films to ever be released upon the masses. Black Lava Entertain-ment has upped the ante and has put out some top notch stuff recently. Der Konig Der Kannibalen or Cannibal Messiah for us English speaking folk has been unleashed and gore hounds may never be the same again. The majority of underground European gore has mainly focused on being straightforward and serious with copious amounts of low budget gore splattering the screen and its fan base looking past many of the films technical flaws and indulging in this acquired taste of film making. Yes, there have been films which contain ridiculous dubbing and unintentional humor (Andreas Schnaas Zombie 90 being a prime example of one of the originators).

This review was originally edited and posted
by Chris Mayo at Severed Cinema.

Cannibal Messiah has taken the low budget gore film, injected it with great humorous dialogue which can even be appreciated in subtitled form because they didn't read "like some German translated them" (inside joke there!), an insane wraparound story, characters playing themselves and doing a great job in doing so, great splatter effects aplenty and delivered in this wonderful package that never takes itself too seriously. I believe its a gore marvel and a celebration of the future of independent gore, the ambassador of gore movies.

Over the top acting galore, bad taste, flour powdered cannibals, Der König Der Kannibalen delivers and never tires in its 2h running time. To fully appreciate you must watch the first short film Der Letzte Kannibale first which is also included in this beautiful double digi-pack release. The two culprits behind this release Crippler Criss and Master W certainly have a flare for humor and an eye for slick film making. Taking a unique twist and playing themselves, its a great idea and sets up the film as solid in its pseudo documentary style.

Cannibal Messiah follows filmmakers Crippler Criss and Master W as two wild dudes, Master W is obviously a chronic habitual weed smoker and Crippler Criss is an over the top character terrified and obsessed with being attacked by ticks!? The two are confronted by a fellow calling himself "The Pathfinder" played by Raping Ras. Ras claims to be the brother of the exact same guy who he played in Der Letzte Kannibale. The Pathfinder is on a mission to find "The Hermit" also played by Master W in probably one of the best roles in the film.

Supposedly The Pathfinders brother who was killed in Der Letzte Kannibale also claimed he had a brother who was also killed in the Silschede forest, confused yet? There was also another character by the name of Alan Yates played by Sebastian Zeglarkski who also made the films killer make up effects. Alan Yates was a friend of Master W and Crippler Criss in Der Letzte Kannbale who was supposedly killed by Cannibals but was saved by The Hermit sewed on penis and all!!!! The Pathfinder teams up with the two filmmakers Master W and Crippler Criss to go back to the Silschede forest to find their partner Alan Yates who has now started up a cannibal tribe with a group of followers in which he has become the self proclaimed "Messiah".

Psycho Productions has made their German cannibal equivalent to Apocalypse Now and Alan Yates is their Marlon Brando and Master W their Dennis Hopper. From the behind the scenes footage it is easy to see everyone had a great time making this! I highly recommend picking up a copy from P.S.Y.C.H.O Productions who are very responsive to messages on Facebook, pick up a cool poster and shirt to go with it, support this great movie and company.

Rating: 4.5 of 5

Directed by:
 Crippler Criss, Master W

Written by: Master W
Produced by: Crippler Criss
Cinematography by: ?
Editing by: Adam Rehmeier
Special Effects by: Sebastian Zeglarkski
Music by: European Breakdown
Cast: Jim Aal, Bemo B, Sebastian Badenberg, Blutkid, Christof Milla Braun, Uwe Choroba, Crippler Criss, Resi Elstner, Karsten Fundgens, Marc Gore, Dave Griesert, Ahri Kalt, Dr. Kalt, Pete Lance, Malte, Pro Milla, Pantera Na Necroterio, Christian Nowak, Raping Ras, Jens Schutte, Dirk Sulmann, Kal Sulmann, ThYnomite, Master W, Willi, Sebastian Zeglarski, Zicka
Year: 2015
Country: Germany
Language: German
Color: Color
Runtime: 2h 00min
Distributor: P.S.Y.C.H.O Productions