TORMENT (2008)

Written by Tim Nordstedt:

And here we have an other one from Brain Damage with a clown theme, but I have to admit that this one actually impressed me, in the way that it was far more tedious than the previous movies that I hardly managed to sit through and even more pointless than Clown Killer.

The greatest thing with this release was the cover, where we have an evil looking clown, a tormented woman and the tagline "Meet Dissecto the Clown, He´s got a captive audience", sounds great! and the first thing we see is a clown with a strapped down victim, great. Then the scene fades out without any torture, just a badly made stabbing and all of the minor  expectations I somewhat had slowly faded away.

Then we meet up with Ray who went to the looniebin to pick up  his lovely wife Laura, and in the middle of all the attempts to random ramblings he comes up with the greatest idea, maybe they should go to a house in the middle of nowhere to work on her mental issues and their marriage.
The plan seem to go successively asunder as Laura starts to see things like a couple of people that obviously had to be an illusion and a clown lurking around the woods which also have to be an illusion. Ray can´t find any evidence of this, and the situation becomes slightly aggitated between the two as one takes comfort in pills and anxiety and the other one takes the bottle and just don´t feel like giving a bigger shit about anything.

For some reason the clown Dissecto (who is only named on the cover and never says a word in the movie) lives nearby in a really tragic shabby place where he tries to entertain the few people he come by, kidnaps and ties to a chair, then he kills them off offscreen, and then we see him applying an uneven amount of white makeup on his mask, that was another good waste of screentime.

Now he only appears about four short times in this movie and not one scene pays off in anyway so all the gorehounds will be very unsatisfied, the most exciting scene with Dissecto involved a long needle and a balloon, will it pop or will it not? now that was a real hair raiser! then he chops a fakehand of another bad actor... the end, sorry for the spoiler but it´s really not getting more fun than that.
So what we have here is a 92% of a dramatic relationship between two extremely boring, whining people who´s marriage seems to be crashing with or without hallucinations, pills, booze or a murderous clown, and then some extremely bad torturing that hardly passes for torture.

Did that sound bad? well it didn´t really help that the acting was more robotic than anything else and the few effects that were in this film where really poorly executed, well truthfully everything in this movie was poorly executed!

I don´t have that much to say about this one, it´s dumb, it´s excrutiatingly boring, Lack of suspense, hardly any blood or anything that squeamish people could be offended by, no appearant sense or logic whatsoever, loads of braindrilling ultra-annoying drama, no backstory and no form of interesting anything in my opinion!

This movie is as equivalent as banging your head to the table a hundred times, but on the other side that would have a positive effect, because after the headbashing you would forget the most crap your brain have stored instead of leaving your filled with more crap.
But it would be fun if Dissecto could get a revival without any strings attached from this movie seeing how that dumb ending made it even dumber!

And if someone could make up a little more colourfull, quirkier, funnier and ofcourse meaner, more cruel, bloodier  and add those things with alot of funny props and a big circus/carneval stage, now I would probably want to watch that!