Written by Harry Collins:

During the recent years, not too many gore films have come from the country of Denmark. But with the new underground film "Slagt Mig Nøgen / Slaughter Me Naked" directed by Sune Rolf Jensen, things are about to change.

This film starts out from the killers point of view, stalking a few metal heads partying at a house. The violence quickly erupts when the killer starts knocking off these party guys in a very gory fashion with his dull kitchen knives. The film almost has a 'German splatter film' feel to it, but quickly changes as the pace of the film moves on.

There are four chapters in this film and with each chapter the viewer gets to see how the killer works and how he becomes a violent sexual killer. With each chapter, the film builds a slow creepy tension that is unsettling to the viewer. Scenes of the killer's brutality quickly cause a sense of unease, when the viewer gets to see firsthand how the killer is cruel and unforgiving with his victims.

The film has a 70's Giallo feel to it, with a faceless masked killer wearing leather gloves and a leather biker jacket. There is also a twist of William Lustig's "Maniac" in the film but also a David Lynch type style when the killer has fantasy moments during the film. The film changes again when it shifts to the life and childhood of the killer. It shows the viewer the killer's surreal fantasies and his black and white dreams that would give David Lynch nightmares. The killer also has an artistic side to him, which is rarely seen in a underground film about a serial killer.

The music has an eerie but beautiful score that flows well with the pacing of the film. The special effects are low budget, but the gore is very well done and effective. The cinematography is very well shot and surreal at times which makes the film very unique and artistic. I highly recommend this film to fans of 70's Giallo films, gorehounds, David Lynch, and fans of extreme underground cinema. I'm really looking forward to future films of Sune Rolf Jensen. He has a beautiful artistic vision when it comes to making underground cinema.

If you would like to support and buy a copy of "Slaughter Me Naked" please go to Sun Rolf Jensen's Facebook-page and message him for a copy.

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