Written by Thomas Gorecine:

The Vomit Gore trilogy is the root of all my evil. If fucked up movies were a religion, this series would be the Bible. Just like the GUINEA PIG reboot, the latest Vomit Gore movie breaks my grading barrier and delivers the most disturbing film in the universe, which isn’t made by me. This is the entity that separates pussies from true extreme movie fans. Those who mock or discredit its existence are fake tough guys/gals with hardass egos that run away when faced with the ultimate challenge. The public hatred for these films stem back to my rookie era.

The original Cinemagore profile for “Most Disturbed Person on Planet Earth” was Hank Skinny eating brains out of an open head. The challenge of acquiring SLOW TORTURE PUKE CHAMBER is a memorable endeavor of that time and finding a copy of PERFECT CHILD OF SATAN was like digging for gold. 60% of my lost profiles were because of flagged Vomit Gore pictures that became instant Facebook violations for obscenity. My block list is the size of a school roster because of assholes that made it their lifelong mission to report anything and everything that has to do with this series.

Besides getting your eye sockets fucked in with a phallus covered in Rainbow Brite acid trip menstruation while being exposed to the most repulsive visuals conceivable, this glorious spectacle of puke, snot, and ravaged flesh has a deeper meaning than its confusing-as-fuck appearance and trippy execution principles. Just like the entire world’s take on Daisy’s Destruction, all this hatred comes from not understanding an artistic vision. My very own MDPOPE has no artistic value whatsoever. It only exists to fuck with people’s morality standards and indecency levels. NAZI WIZARD appears to be exploiting bulimia, but it’s actually a psychopath’s vision depicting the neverending cycle of purgatory for a slut who drowned herself in the bathtub.

For the first time ever in my life I sat through a commentary. Double penetration on an artsy barf-fest is a tough call because in Cinemagore mathematics, this equals one lost movie. I can’t complain because I learned more during this extra hour then five years of Sunday school had ever taught me. It may even have fucked me up a little more than I already am – considering after my second succedent viewing I had this violent urge to direct something grosser by molding a Hank Skinny mask out of Roadkill, break into the closest hospital maternity ward, smash up all the newborns with a barbell, violently force myself to vomit inside all the holes I just made, and then sell the hospital security tape as my next shockumentary; once being released from prison after serving 50 consecutive life sentences. Something like that is what to expect from NAZI WIZARD - without the babies of course.

There’s not much to spoil in this because the theme stays pretty much the same throughout the entire film. Total facial disfigurement and affliction followed by a steady stream of vomit into the hatched open faces and skulls of women. I consider this a sensational educational program for preteens and toddlers because it teaches all about biology and shows how valuable teamwork can be when trying to accomplish a messy task. The film also strongly supports my bias racism towards women who way over 150 pounds. Bulimia should be taught in elementary thru high school. How, why, and when to vomit should replace gym class. If a person weighs over a certain weight by the time 12th grade comes along, they should get transferred to a Boces suicide class and be coached on how to kill themselves. Human life on earth would last an extra million years from all the food conservation.

People watch these for their shock value. I don't know many who are actually entertained by vomit or straight forward mutilation without a storyline. Mixing it with gore makes for an experimental psychotic experience. Not a very fun one because it's incomprehensible, but it still over-achieves it goal at being disgusting without crossing over to a fetish level. The most disturbing movie in the world and the most bloody movie in the world, can not hold those titles and be entertaining at the same the time. When a story is added, extremity and gore is subtracted. A non-stop pointless assault on the senses is necessary to take the top spots. The closest thing to a really great disturbing movie is probably A Serbian Film (and that's what it's so famous for), but when compared to something like this, SF is has about 1/20 of VG4's disturbing effect because 95% was story and 5% was extreme violence.

There’s not much more I can say about this. Take the most brutal, merciless, Pablo Picasso of vibrant gore scenes and multiply that by three or four. I wouldn’t call variety one of the film’s strong points. Think of it as a lesson on how many ways you can cook an egg on Krokodil. My personal advice is to take a break from bringing your girlfriend a beachfront sunset and watch this instead. Especially if you got yourself a fatty. Maybe she’ll be inspired to fix herself and you’ll no longer have to feel those waves when hitting her from behind.