Artist: Murdryck
Album: As the Moon Bleeds...

Year: 2015
Genrer: Black Metal
Run time: 15 minutes
My rating: 2.5 out of 5

Murdryck was formed back in 1999 in Vänersborg, Sweden by the frontman Adam Chapman. During this time, the music took shape in a dark blackened ambient genre. He released his first full-lenght album "Legion / Doomsdays Dawn" through Leviaphonic Records before the project was put on hold. It was not untill 2014 Adam decided to reunite the project and bring forth the tones of Swedish guitar oriented black metal together with four other members, and it was actually the present drummer, Simon Wärnén, who told me about Murdryck during Moosefest 2015.

   ”As the moon bleeds...” is the latest EP, released in March 19th, 2015. It contains three speedy songs (including a fourth bonus-track) produced by Adam himself. The vocalist is an unknown person whose psydonym are "Moral-less" but I wanna compare him with Thomas Backelin from Lord Belial, and it would not surprise me if the case actually were so, because the overall sound of Murdryck bursting similarities with Lord Belial in general and Adam himself has appeared as a session member during their live-gigs in 2013.

All four songs are melodious and comfortable to listen to. The music itself reminds me very much of the early Swedish black metal era from the mid 90's and I hear a great similarity of Marduk and Mörk Gryning. Regarding its production, It's kind of wobbly and I would've liked some dirtier drum sounds. It says that the EP has a drummer, but I still want to make it sound like a drummachine of some kind. Maybe it's a drum kit, but I'm not able to speculate about that  right now.

   Otherwise, ”As the moon bleeds...” do not bid on something new or fresh - you've heard it before. But it's a good beginning for a new era and I do willingly follow Murdrycks development since they have managed to capture several new band members, and I'm curious about where this will lead and how the next album will sounds like.

I'm happily grateful to personally have met Simon who told me about Murdryck, and I’m also grateful to Adam who was willing to send me a copy of this EP for make it possible to perform this reasonably short, but fair review. Thanks alot and take care until next time!


Band members:
Skärseld - Guitars, Bass, Programming
Moral-less - Vocals
Giovanni Rodriguez - Guitars (rhythm)
Vintermord - Drums

Label: Leviaphonic Records
Country: Sweden

Bandcamp: http://murdryck.bandcamp.com/
Facebook: http://facebook.com/murdryck