Written by Greigh Johanson:

What do we like the most? Ofcourse, violence on film without any censorships. If there’s anything of the very little we hate in this world, it's censorship. We want to live with freedom and you will get to experience that together with us. We love contents of naked breasts, sliced penises, penetrated intestinals, vomit and feces. And if you scroll your eyes further you will get the pleasure to join the madness:

In Goregasmics world of underground film we encounter amazing filmmakers around the world on all continents. In locked forums we can find huge inspirations, filled with talented and helpful fellow human beings who want to support one's business on all possible levels to manage to get on with our process and that's one of the most positive features about this movement - All are widely open, generous and friendly. The filmmaker we are going to familiarize ourselves with now is one of the many people we have met through this secred portal and we're very grateful to take part of the tip of his cinematic creation.

D.I.Y. Productions is a Canadian zero-budget company founded in 2007 by director and screenwriter Yan Kaos. From the beginning it was based from a rebellious perspective of the revolted punk/hardcore and speed/black metal scene that started the actual aspect to what would later be formed into a filmic message. Yan Kaos grew up with a misanthropic worldview and shows literally finger to the community through his cinematic creativity. He calls it self "black art" and since the age of eight he has been obsessed with horror movies in general, but he was fascinated mainly for the more extreme slope in underground world.

DIY 's first material conceived in 2008 when Yan Kaos completed the shortfilm "Wrong Dose , Bad Reactions". The film is about a girl who dispenses PCP and becomes uneasy. It's an surrealistic film and the main actress was played by Yan Kaos girlfriend (Bloody Mary) of that time.
"- I was inspired while I was drunk and speak the ideas with my girlfriend. I just wrote some storyboard and gave it totally freedom. Sometimes it even became crazier than it was used to be, but I was really happy with the result. It was like a experimental movie for me and we also gave a homage to Lucio Fulci's City of the Living Dead, when she puke her guts out."

It also have a small part of tribut to Lucifer Valentin's Vomit-Gore series - Just a little wrong dose of it and even if he likes Lucifer's stuff, Yan creates his own thing.
- I don't have a fetish for puke like Lucifer, the vomit was just a sort of esscential in the story of it. The rollfigure was feeling sick from the drug she was taking and started to puke her guts out.

One year later Yan Kaos started his second shortfilm "Meat Butcher Baby". During this time he was inspired by a real local story from his own city.
”- I'm a big fan of the Japanese Guinea Pig episode: Flower of Flesh and Blood and I wanted to create the goriest short film I could with no budget without looking too cheezy. It's about a murderer that only gets satisfaction by killing, thats its purpuse on earth, but it's more about human body destruction - total dismemberment. I was playing the killer in it too, he is an anti-life guy."

You really need to be a die-hard fanatic of extreme low-budget films to even understand the charm of this kind of movies. Some think it is totally worthless, while others are willing to pay a full monthly income for each published movie which is often released in an extremely small limited edition .

The release isn't about making money on the performance, it’s just a social friendship us fanatics between. These small companies are losing more money than they receive, but the friendship gives double the price and that is why this form of creativity still exists and wonder, and that means everything.

Between 2014 and 2015 Kaos worked with his debut full-lenght movie "Necromance: A Love Story". It's his own version of Nekromantik, but it has nothing to do with Buttgeriets original works at all. This one is about a killer who do the dirty work for the necrophile. He's killing the victim and letting her left to rot for a couple of weeks for the necrophile to enjoy.
"- The necrophile is a real calm guy who just like having sex with dead bodys or body parts. I play the killer as well, but I use the pseudo name "Nekro Kaos" in this one because it's an extreme hardcore deviant gory movie with real penetrations and real cocks etc."

More to come from D.I.Y Productions is a sequel to Meat Butcher Baby. Yan Kaos is in the middle of the work and he is almost done with the shoot together with his girlfriend who is the main-actress in this one as well.
- I'm working with my girlfriend Nemesis Bathory. She is really dedicated to the gory underground-scene. I love her more than my own life, she did lots of sacrifices for me in the gore-compilation and in Meat Butcher Baby 2. It was some real painful scenes for her, she is the best one I've ever worked with so far and it's not because she is my girlfriend, it's more about her professional side. When we work together, it's more different than when we are lovers, so I'm really hard to work with sometimes, Haha.

And there will be even more, Yan Kaos are going to release a shortfilm anthology connected with some huge directors worldwide.

This gory collection includes following titles:

Who Watched Them Die? by Adrian Baez. (USA)
Push To The Limit by Vin Price. (Australia)
Meat Is Meat by Marcus Kosh. (USA)
Bloody Sunset by Robin Möller. (Sweden)
Purgatory by Eric Falardeau. (Canada)
Elmer’s Justice by Victor Murzikov. (Russia)
Cryptic Plasm: The Possession by Brian Paulin. (Canada)
Meat Butcher Baby by Yan Kaos. (Canada)
Snuff Tape 3: Red, Dead & Brown by El Gore. (Germany)

Find out more at:
Yan D.I.Y Productions