Directed by: Stephen Biro
Written by: Stephen Biro
Stars: Ashley Lynn Caputo, Caitlyn Dailey... read more

Year: 2015
Genrer: Gore, Horror
Run time: 1h 13 min
My rating: 4 out of 5

Oh my God, I've never seen anything like this before nor would have expected it. AMERICAN GUINEA PIG is by far, the most brutal gore film ever created to this date. Not only does this satisfy every extreme gore fantasy a sadist could possibly have, but it doubles it. For the first time ever, that indestructible barrier around my rating system has been shattered, grabbing the maximum “Blood & Gore” grade by its balls and multiplying it times two.

AMERICAN GUINEA PIG takes the terminology of torture porn literally - instead of those idiots who invented the word and attached it to shit like HOSTEL. I honestly felt like taking a shower after watching this. The only way a film of this level could be surpassed is if someone made a sequel with children (which the movie even hints out during the finale and ending credits) but I have no complaints about a live baby mutilation scene not happening because my gore satisfaction levels were beyond reckoning.

For idiots or newbies who have never heard of the GUINEA PIG series, it's a six part Japanese collection of extreme gore movies, each completely different in nature. It’s where the extreme movie hobbyist usually begins their adventure into degeneracy. AMERICAN GUINEA PIG 1 (BOUQUET OF GUTS AND GORE) is a remake of JAPANESE GUINEA PIG 2 (FLOWERS OF FLESH & BLOOD), which to this day tops the charts as one of the most disturbing films of all time. It’s one straight long sequence of a woman being ritualistically dismembered and butchered alive, conscious of pain, but completely paralyzed. FLOWERS was 42 minutes long and contained one victim who was slowly butchered into multiple pieces for questionable reasons. BOUQUET is 73 minutes long with two victims and it’s being done for obvious snuff production purposes.

Is this movie entertaining? HELL NO! It’s like watching a porno, but non-stop sex is replaced with non-stop over-the-top gore. Anyone who buys a bag of popcorn and sits on his or her sofa looking for a fascinating tale of torture will be in for a shock. It’s relentless and sick. The type of thing that would make the news and would be blamed for atrocities if found in a madman’s DVD player after he shoots up a movie theatre. Sitting through this is a worthy challenge that’s equivalent to MDPOPE 1 & 2. It’s not pleasant, but one of the most biggest, scariest, rollercoasters in the world that only those with nerves of steel will ride to say they experienced it.

The found footage approach added an awesome amount of realism to the whole thing. It really gives you the feeling that you are watching a snuff film. The paused red screen in between camera shots was also effective and creepy. I liked this much more than the usual static. The only negative I could find is the person who plays the director. He sounded like a teenager trying to be a badass and it killed off some of the movie’s realism. Hearing a kid yell in a fake sounding voice that he wants more brutality so he can get hard and cum in his pants was overkill. An older calm and collective voice would have been much more effective. Yelling at a cameraman and pretending that his family’s safety was at risk if he stopped filming also sounded childish.

It reminded me of Mr. Brain Damage from Traces of Death, lol. The camera running out of film every couple of minutes made little sense to me. Unless this is supposed to take place in the 1940s, I think a movie camera can record longer than ten minutes of footage. I’m no cameraman, but I’m assuming there’s some sort logic behind this that I’m unaware off.

Now I have a big question for either those involved or those with medical degrees. Is what happened in AMERICAN GUINEA PIG medically possible? I’m under the impression that both victims were supposed to be alive up until the final cut. If I were to guess, I think that a normal human would die from blood loss or shock after the second or third limb was bonesawed off. Is it possible for a paralysis drug to keep a person from going into shock and dying after being taken apart like that? Take a few limbs off, yeah you can live, but when someone starts going at your jaw with a bonesaw or performs an autopsy on your chest then starts handling your entrails like pizza dough – it seems medically impossible for the victim to still be breathing. I doubt I am wrong, but I’m no doctor so there’s always that 5% chance that maybe it is.

What kind of repercussions do you guys think it would have if someone left something like this on the doorstep of a church and labeled it “PASSION OF CHRIST II: ISIS TAKES MARY”? Would it make the news? Would it be considered a crime? This would be an awesome human reaction study.


Produced by: Stephen Biro
Cinematography by: Jim Van Bebber
Editing by: Stephen Biro
Special Effects by: Stephen Biro, Melanie Dean, David Hood,
Marcus Koch, Shelby McIntyre and Chris Polidoro.

Music by: Kristian Day and Jimmy ScreamerClauz
Country: USA
Language: English 
Color: Color

Distributor: Unearthed Films