MollyWalsh Video Production was made to support independent filmmakers whether it be by helping them get some coverage on their film, or being a helping hand on set! They like to give a chance to upcoming directors, writers, & artist alike to make sure that they continue making their dreams come true!

Their second shortfilm-release is Entrails And Amour, Directed and Filmed by A. Baez.

It's about Suzy, a girl who is ready to get out of her long time relationship with Ana. As time goes on, heartbroken Ana does the unthinkable. Suzy arrives too late to stop the damage she has done and ends up falling into a deep trance of pain and broken heartedness.

Alyssa Ritchie, Karie Chupp FX by Craig McIntyre
Produced by A. Baez & Nick Gootee Edited by A. Baez
Written, Directed and Filmed by A. Baez

DVD release is scheduled for Oct. 23rd and only available at:
http://www.mollywalshvideostore.storenvy.com . The first 30 come signed by as many cast and crew as possible, inner artwork, and the first 20 come with two pins included. There is only 60 total copies in full.

DVD Extras:
Behind the scenes
Extra short film “Who Watched them Die?
Interview with A. Baez
“Entrails and Amour” Official Teaser Trailer

Posters are available now at the store. Limited to 20 copies signed by as many cast & crew as possible.

Entrails and Amour Official Teaser Trailer

Thanks to Vince Roth for the trailer!

Be sure to vist www.mollywalshvideo.com for more info on DVD release and other projects from MollyWalsh Video Productions!

FB Link: https://www.facebook.com/EntrailsAndAmour