Written by: Tim Nordstedt.

To find the golden things in life you have to strap on that tight scubasuit and swim through oceans of defecation, but with the music of Passenger of Shit you are relentlessely getting pulled in by a Bermuda triangle of golden raw sewage.

Passenger of Shit is a project of Australias superperverted mastermind MC Bushpig who occasionally takes help from the rest of the cast of his other band Butchers Harem, but it isn't horrorcore we're dealing with here, what we are dealing with is  so far from something that can be classified in a legit way but the band describes  it as Erotic Speedcore/Trendy Breakcore Sad/Happyshit/Terrorcore and there we have a solid beginning I suppose.

Surfing around the bands videos on Youtube I tried to find something that could put  the sound in perspective through the comments of the users, now I know that only  0,5% or less of the commentsection in general have some sort of logic and brain to their statement so I realized that it would be in vain but still, reading some comment maybe could help those who never have enjoyed the sound of PoS to understand it a little better, so here is what the nice people on Youtube had to say about their first, second or threethousandtwentysixth experience with Passenger of Shit:

As you clearly can see, Passenger of Shit is an undeniable, fantastic source of  everything wonderful and artistic, and it's loved in every possible way by the people who loves the fine things in life like masturbating in a shitfilled bathtub with a horsepenis in the ear. And as you also clearly can see, people suck at writing! How would I personally percieve the music and try to describe it?

Well take a collection of hardstyle/speedcore/gabber compilation albums like Thunderdome, Terrordrome, Dominator and so on and jack them up with some homecooked crack and speed, then imagine a random nutcase suffering from severe tourettes who had half a pound of cocaine and a jar of peanut-butter for breakfast standing in the kitchen with a jackhammer up his anal cavity, fiercely engaging himself in the act  of screaming and headbanging his face into a blender, all while his grandfather  interrupt him a couple of seconds to play classical and orchestral tunes to learn  the man how music actually should sound like.

So yes it's a lot of noise with a spastic, epileptic bassdrummachine with some  melodic and harmonic interludes that get's completely raped after a couple seconds, so there is not much room to breath in between the diarrhoeafilled deluge, upon that we have growls, grunts, female-singing and hysterical Hello Kitty Suicide Klub screaming telling romantic topics like ”Finger My Twat, Amputate My Wartcock To  Feed My Anus, Wank My Farting Fanny Vomit and Cleaning My Dick In Shit From A Corpse” for example so it's without a doubt safe to say that it would fit perfectly to a first date.

Throughout the years Bushpig have been really active with PoS and released dozens  and more of full-length and split-albums mainly on his own recordlabel Shitwank. So there you have another musical-act that makes your life and future  brighter,  your ears crustier and your brain scrambled. And last but not least remember to check out the amazing musicvideo for the track Lick My Diaper!

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