Written by: Tim Nordstedt.

Rimthurs is a sparkling hidden flake in the oversnowed Black Metal scene, sadly Rimthurs is also one of those bands that should be rolled into a great snowball and be set in motion towards greater goals. But as the music industry isn’t really reliable in these ages the most musicians have to settle with the little they can get their hands on, in many cases you have to sign with smaller labels without a bigger distributions and alot of problems in the trunk, or a major one that think that they can suck a little bit of cash off your creations.

The man behind this project Tommy "Ymer" Holmér is more than accustomed to the problems with getting a label to release his music in a proper way, yet with alot of troubles he managed to release an official self-titled demo in 2004, a five track EP by the name ”Ur:Kaos” 2008 on the Spanish label Temple of Darkness, and in 2010 Archaic Sound released his latest release ”Svartnar” - limited to 500 pieces and printed it as a rerelease in a neat digipak with the bonustrack ”Naglfar”, which is a great cover of Isengards classic song.

I recently got an update that Rimthurs is finally working on a new album by the name of Gravskrift so I felt that it would be a great time to do an interview and promote this great band. I couldn’t see any problem with it, this was going to be easier than ever, seeing that I have followed the band since the release of the demo, have all of the albums and have been sporadically in touch with Tommy since 2004, but as I sat down by the computer, listening to the albums, I had nothing, by the itchy paws of Fenriz I had nothing!

I really hate to ask bands and members the same questions over and over again, but seeing as I managed to made an Odin, but instead of plucking my eye out and sacrifice it to Mimer for ultimate knowledge I went to a different well and plunged down my brain instead, so I had no other choice than to settle with whatever questions that I managed to force forward to this interview.

But regardless you will get the most info that is needed and if you are into Swedish Black Metal and the northern aesthetics that comes with it, then this is highly recommended for you!

Tim Nordstedt:
Greetings once again Tommy! How is everything these times when the temperatures is getting lower by the day?

Tommy Holmér:
- Things are relatively good here, I do hope for a real winter this year without the rain and slush.

I´m really looking forward to the release of your coming album "Gravskrift" and it´s without a doubt more people than me that is looking forward to it, so how much work is left to be done and when can we await the release?

- It´s a little bit on the mixing that´s left, so I´m done pretty soon, and then the mastering. I don´t have a date for the release since I´m currenlty not signed to a label.

The few songs I´ve heard from the upcoming album are really good, will the whole album be in the same style or will it be a couple of surprises added to it?

- Well Thank you! The two songs that I have uploaded on Soundcloud pretty much represents the album, even if there is alot of diversity to the material.

You´ve had a whole bunch of problems when it comes to to recordlabels concerning Rimthurs, is that something that has dislodged lately? Personally I think that your music would fit into the ranks of Nordvis perfectly.

- Like I said, I don´t have a label for the moment, I´m sending songs to a couple of them but no struck of luck yet. I don´t know why there is such a lack of interest when it comes to my music. personally I think it´s a load of shit when it comes to this sort of promotional work, it takes way too much time and I´m extremely tired of hunting around for a contract after all these years. I wan´t to put my energy on writing and recording, not trying to whore myself to some label that hardly doesn´t care! Nordvis is sadly one of those that seems to be completely uninterested of my art.

Otherwise have you ever thought of releasing the albums yourself in a limited edition or digitally like many other artists tend to do nowadays?

- I have been thinking about it, but I like the physical format way to much to let go of that concept. Digital copies are a good compliment, but for me an album isn´t released unless it doesn´t exist in a physical format. But if a label would be interested then let´s see what´s happening.

As far as I´m aware of Rimthurs is the only one of your musical project that you haven´t taken out on the road, do you still have ideas about doing so or is it way to much work with getting musicians and rehearse with them?

- The thoughts are present, but I feel that all that work really isn´t worth it at all. It´s hard to get the right people that have the time and the mentality that it takes to do it the right way.

Will "Bortom Nidafjäll" ever be released? As bonustracks or remastred on an album itself?

- I have no idea.... you should never say never, but it´s not really a priority.

You have been and are involved with alot of bands like Necrocide, Undivine, Planet Rain and In My Embrace, what pros and cons have you experienced while being in a band with other members versus having an oneman project?

- You have more freedom in a oneman project as you don´t have to compromise with others , but on the other hand it´s easy to get stuck in certain patterns of the composing and that kind of things as you don´t have anyone else that can come up with ideas. At least for me it´s a pretty big challenge to not doing the same thing over and over again with Rimthurs, that´s an advantage when you are playing with others, you can get other perspectives and evolve your own style. 

The sound have changed quite alot since the demo that got released in 2004 although it still have the same direction, will Rimthurs evolve even further in the future?

- We will have to see about that, it will always sound like Rimthurs regardless, I think that the next album will lean towards a more aggressive sound, not that much melodies and angst in it.

Personally I can´t name an act that I can compare to Rimthurs sound a hundred percent accurately, I can namedrop alot of bands that may sound alike though, is there any acts or a musical individual that you would consider having inspired your vision of how Rimthurs should sound?

- No not really. Even though the early nineties Nordic Black Metal have a big part in the sound I´m trying to search a certain feeling t a specific soung, bands like Neurosis have a great amount of angst on some of their albums for example, just like swedish folk music and musicians like Tom Waits and Nick Cave. I found alot of inspiration from the nature, that oftenly is anything but kind and adjusted.

The lyrics have a deep focus in a spiritual darkness, nature, coldness and is to a certain part entwined in norse mythology, as a bonus they are very wellwritten, so where do you find inspiration to the lyrics?

- The inspiration is mostly sprung from my own philosophical thoughts about life, death and existence in general. For the most part death is a great inspiration, in Gravskrift it´s more or less a concept of that subject. I´m adding the norse mythology and Swedish folk beliefs in everything as it comes natural for me, I often use nature and natural phenomenon as metaphores so that the lyrics won´t turn out to be too obvious.

You have included some interesting adds like violin in your music, is that something you have thoughts about experimenting with in the future? maybe not a violin again but some odd folk instrument and things like that?

- I just add anything that I feel fits the compositions, it´s nothing I´m planning in advance. For example on the coming album I have cello on two of the tracks, and there is a jewharp recorded on a minialbum but that one isn´t release due to the lack of a recordlabel.

I know that a couple of members from the other bands that you are playing in have done some small guest-appearances on the albums of Rimthurs, do you have any thoughts about including other guestmusicians on your future releases?

- That´s something that never get´s planned! If I need something that I´m not capable to perform then I will use other people that can do it. On the new album I haven´t used the help of anyone except for she who arranges the cello parts, Mordh didn´t have the possibilities to record the bass on this album so I had to do that by myself too.

What´s the status of the rest of the bands? It seems like Planet Rain is the most active project in nowadays.

- Planet Rain is actually the least active band for the moment, we haven´t done anything for one and a half years since the songwriter who also played guitar and performed the vocals decided to quit the band. In My Embrace have just released an album, but I´m not a full member there, just a session. And recently I joined a band from Sandviken, Patronymicon, pure and plain Black Metal, they have released two albums that you should check out.

Besides playing metal and driving trucks how are you going to spend your time now when father winter is knocking on the door?

- Play drums, hopefully write some new material to Rimthurs and a little bit of everything I´m doing, take photographs, read, skiing if there will be any snow that is... I´ll just take things as they come so I don´t have anything special planned, or wait, i´m going to Norrköping for Black Christmas to check out some fine music in December.

And with the legit reason that my braincells got a hell of a crash this month, I really can´t come up with more questions for the time being, so do you have any wise or unwise words to our readers?

- The music of Rimthurs is accessable digitally on the usual platforms, and two completely new tracks are uploaded on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/rimthurs/ The albums are available in physical format, check out some smaller distros on the net or contact me. If there is a chance that a label would read this and feels that Rimthurs is something for you, then get in touch!

Thank you for this interview and I wish you good luck with everything, and I really hope that Rimthurs will gain the attention that the band deserves!

- Thank you!