Let me present to you the most ambiguest of the unexpected and in many ways unwanted of all musical or non-musical creations Igorrr! Now how should one describe this utter aristrocratic anarchy of harmonic, euphonic cacophony, personally I would say that it's a simplier task not to aggravate your ability to cope with thoughts close to an impossible mission, but as I am almost a fullfledged idiot to a masochistic point I will gladly give up a couple of less functioning braincells in the procedure of trying to turn this audial incarnation of all diagnosed insanity to a written form.

So ladies and gentlemen, please follow me as my mind slowly deteriorates and feel free to purchase everything released with this artist thereafter. Igorrr have been exposing it's frantic face through the curtainless windows from the most firmly secured insane asylums since 2005, created and brought up by the French multi-instrumental madman Gautier Serre (Öxxö Xööx, Corpo Mente, ex-Whourkr) who for all logical reasons decided that music nowadays is far to easy to listen to.

In a humble respectful way Gautier took the genres of the world of music that he hold dear and disrespectfully shoved them through a meatgrinder and the outcome of such actions is a bewildering mince of folksy worldmusic, triphop, classical cabaret, artistic baroque, bouncing and pounding breakcore, cut up dubstep, screamy grind/hardcore, electronic noise and blasting malicious death metal, for some reason the coalesce of those alienated, impassible genres works perfectly when it’s handled under the maddening genious of Gautier.

Occasionally there are vocals but they are as mashed up as the music itself consisting of opera, swing, insane screams, throat singing, choirs, growls and well you name it, it´s probably there somewhere just like the music.

In 2006 the first symptoms of a nervous wrecking syndrom appeared printed in a physical form and came by the name Poisson Soluble and followed up in a psychiatric evaluation two years after with a released diagnosed called Moisissure (2008), the symptoms while this time being in a stable shape would later progress into a more varied and ferally multi-personal borderline trip that would take more than a padded wall to contain.

The third full-length album Nostril (2010) would take the gentle creation of notes and pulverize and liquify them into an illegal black market prescription that sends the listener of into a wonderland created by a severe mushroom-gnawing reality-refusing individual that makes the Mad Hatter seem like Dr Phil in comparison.

In 2012 the calm plastic face of the inhabitants of this world once more got its veins blasted with a full dose of a dizzy, swirling trip further down the rabbithole of a passionate lunacy, and you can’t really describe the experience better than the title perfectly named "Hallelujah".

Here we descend deeper into more the unexplored tunnels of the vividly taboos of a nutcase psyche and with the collapsing collaboration of endeared guest-musicians such as Teloch (Mayhem, Nidingr, Umoral, Nunfuck Ritual, The Konsortium, Teeth and Thorns), Adam Stacey (John Zorn, Estradesphere), Laure Le Prunenec (Corpo Mente, Öxxö Xööx) shares her vocal-talent on the song "Carus" and then the trip goes further with the help of two other French audial mental institutionalized inmates that also loves to share the needles of complete and utter absurdity in musical shape that goes under the synonym of Vladimir Bozar N' Ze Sheraf Orkestär and what wouldn’t be normal for a man that records carrots but to bring his pet chicken to appear on the album.

With the exception of the four full-lengths Igorrr have also released the EP Baroquecore and a split album two vs albums with the bands Bong-Ra and Ruby My Dear, even though Bong-Ra (Celestial Season) has an established name in the genre I have never got my self into this musical expression nor am I a fan of Ruby My Dear but their collaborations bends, folds and ties my arms gently into a comfortly fitting straightjacket.

I would suggest to anyone to look up these creations and join us, for we are all mad here!
And as a wise man once wrote: -Nullum magnum ingenium sine mixtura dementiae.