Artist: The Toilet
Album: Bullshit Makes Flowers Grow

Year: 2009
Genrer: Electro, Grindcore
Run time: 33 minutes
My rating: 4 out of 5

Let's start this musical theory by introducing the somewhat controversial music genre of electrogrind. It's the most abrasive-sounding music genres ever made, incorporating electronic elements such as sampling,s programmed drums and lots of noisy grunts and growls.

The Toilet is a swedish one-man project from Gothenburg. The only bandmember is Bulldozerman / Klas-Benny (Dennis Woodroff) - re-mark that he uses several different names in every project he is involved with. This is a musical project with blipblop-influences and various forms of audio-collage that forms a huge chaotic poop-monster from hell.  The easiest way to explain it? Imagine a colossal and incoherent mix between Mariah Carey, Bing Crosby, The Captain Kirk on LSD Experience and Tunnan & Moroten. He often recycles five or more different songs and cut them up and make his own stinking versions of them. The Toilet is very underground and has participated in unknown locations in Sweden since 2005. In 2007 he was also  featured on a radio interview in Barcelona in a program that calls itself Radio Bronka.

THE TOILET is the thing where you put the shit.
Many people are living the theatre of life and
believes flushing makes everything bad and dirty
dissapear. Bulldozerman has in this scene teamed up
with the excrement society, found deep below
the surface, and will try to express their feelings
about the situation. What have been coming out of this
collaboration so far tends to look, smell and
sound very intense, funny and frightening.
So get your shit together, it is time to strike back!

Woodroff's artistry is signed by Direktörn Jeff on the Swedish music-label Mutant Swing. His very first release was a live performance - Monsters with Machines, distributed by Tempo Blaster Records. It was an American live-tour he made in 2004 together with The Smile Adventure, Electrocutionerds and The Mourningside Excursion. During this period, The Toilet already completed a whole bunch of songs that contained hints of electronic drumbeats and cut-outs of 70’s disco and traditional German dance bands. The performance was violently executed and crazy humorous at the same time so I suppose that Dennis had it pretty damn fun on the tour.

The fame spread further after the American live-tour and The Toilet has over the years managed to sneak in to different compilation-albums, but in 2009 he finally released his first CD "Bullshit Makes Flowers Grow" - an album with 18 lovely poo-songs with blipblop tones and classic disco characters. In Sweden, he performed a handful of concerts with various of his produced characters from Mutantswing and tried to keeping Bulldozerman alive, but it is still unclear whether The Toilet is history or not, as he has various projects along with Direktörn Jeff and Ljudit Andersson. Today, Dennis other character is Klas-Benny, and he holds among bands like Curt-Lazers and Michael Intergalaxon as well.


Band members:
Bulldozerman - Everything

Label: Mutant Swing
Country: Sweden

Bandcamp: https://mutantswing.bandcamp.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/telioteht//