First and foremost I want to warn all of our readers about this director, because Petter's movies are definitely not for "the good taste of mainstream horror" fans. His movies are very brutal and probably highly offensive for many viewers. Violence and sex are mixed in the most obscure way, so to all of you who's with me, sit back and continue to read ”The Crazy World of Petter Baiestorf”.

Tomas Larsson: So, who is Petter Baiestorf? He is a fascinating, bizarre indie director from Brazil that you shouldn't miss. This is a really odd director who in many ways shocks its viewers with both sex and gore in his own bizarre way. Titan Video will soon release some of his movies and that's awesome. DO NOT MISS IT.

Petter Baiestorf: -Thanks for the words Tomas!
As a director I always try to be original in my own way and within my extremely low budget. I'm doing all kind of movies that can escape the commonplace (gore, sexploitations, experimental and so on). Sometimes it works, and in so many times it's all wrong, hahaha.

I would like to thank Petter for sending me a bunch of copies of his movies and gave me the opportunity to enter into his crazy world of madness. The first film I will present is Blerghhh!!! And it appears to be his first movie, but I put this question to Petter himself. Is Blerghhh!!! your first movie?

   -Well, no "Blerghhh!!!" isn't really my first one. My very first production was called ”Criaturas Hediondas” and was released in 1993, then I did:
Criaturas Hediondas 2
The Vegetable Monster from Space
They Eat Your Flesh
Caquinha Superstar a Go-Go
2000 Years for This?
After all of these titles we finally come to "Blerghhh!!!".
This movie have never been launched on DVD in Brazil (only on VHS back in the 90's), but I intend to subtitle it as soon as possible!

Since the movie isn't subtitled yet, I've got some problem to understand the real deal with this movie, so I decided to leave over the word to Petter so he can describe the story for us:

"This movie starts of with a young addict man namned Sid. His bodyguard has been kidnapped by terrorists after some drug-dealing. The terrorists are a group of young people who were inspired by terrorists who suffered from the 1964 military coup, as Cremado and Rumba. Among the terrorist they fight for power between Rumba and Cruella. Sid is taken hostage and the leader would make a snuff film with him. In this case Sid dies, but he is so crammed with drugs that he rises from the dead as a zombie and now he want to use more drugs to continue to stay alive. But the terrorists will soon find out that if Sid gets cut into pieces, he will stop living once and for all. It all ends in total chaos and helluva bloodbath."

So, thats it folk, Blerghhh!!! is a 42-minute joyride into a madness of drugs, blood and tits. The opening sequence contains a rather provocative action of a baby who gets shot, just because it screams too much. Just one shot and the junkies can continue taking their drugs in peace and quiet. The problem is, it happens off screen - so no baby-goulash at this point. It's done by atmospheric tones of a pan-flute which quickly changed into Grindcore music when the baby had been shot.

I suppose it's very provocative in many ways to kill a baby. What has the reaction been around this? Because I think most parents of young children have had the idea to throw out their babies through the window when the patience is tested to the extreme.

   -When I launched the film here in Brazil in 1996, it was banned in almost all display channels. I made a distribution of this film independently. I have no children and don’t intend to have, but I wanted a provocative opening in the film and the act of a junkie drug-dealer killing a baby who cries was to me a good idea. I make small-budget exploitation movies, I need to make a difference including scenes you'll never see in common movies.

I'm an advocate of sex, but not violence, you know? I try to trivialize violence through exaggeration in my films because the human being has become more and more violent and through my movies I criticize that! Now, I'm pre-producing the feature film "Zombio 2: Chimarrão Zombies," which is a movie about the undead (continuation of the first zombie movie made in Brazil, ”Zombio”, which I did in the 1990s. The Brazil has no tradition in film gore), where I explore all the evil of living. The zombies in the film are just an allegory, something that I’ll use to criticize the living and their greed, their weaknesses, etc., all wrapped with cynicism and sarcasm - my trademark!

This is definitely a fun, entertaining and totally insane movie in the land of independent obscurity. The film has a comic undertone and I can't help it, but I did laugh a bit of what's going on between those wonderful tits that adorn the picture periodically. The movie is funny while the blood spurts across the screen and guts are dug out after the hunt for a bag of cocaine, which someone has swallowed. The flick feels a bit like ”Das Komabrutale Duell” by Heiko Fipper from 1999, because no one seems to be able to die in the movie. They keep coming back even if you cut the head off- or get a bullet through the head. Now Blerghhh!!! was done before Komabrutale Das Duell but I'm doubtful that Heiko found the inspiration through Blerghhh!!!, but who cares, both are crazy indie movies you must see. To put an end to this zombie like pain-in-the-ass character they cut him up in pieces and the movie ends, but not the story…

The movie contains a lot of drug use; is this something that reflects the society in Brazil? Or is it just an important content of the story?

   -In the movie drug-use reflects the Brazilian society. Here we're experiencing an epidemic of crack cocaine and a whole generation turning into zombies because of the drugs they use to escape the misery. Brazil doesn't invest in education and workers in Brazil are exploited by big businesses and industries. This generation of Brazilians are not just running away from reality with the use of drugs, but also escaping from reality through the religions. Here in Brazil you can open a church if you want. And there is a business involving religion and faith. Lack of education makes people completely stupid and because of this ignorance we have sick people seeking healing in drugs or in religions! In the case of "Blerghhh!", the film also speaks about when Brazilian left (Communists) which is the same thing that's right, actually. In Brazil there was a violent military dictatorship in 1960 and 1970 and these military were supported by almost all in Brazilian society with a few focus of resistance left. "Blerghhh!" talks about that, about the total lack of organization of the Brazilian left. Here in Brazil much energy is left behind when the young leftists start consuming drugs! As a student of anarchist philosophy I think it’s regrettable!

I must admit that I'm very fond of women's body, especially boobs and you delivered that a few times. The woman who is chained to the ceiling is delicious. What are your personal thought behind such a scene?

   -I love women, physically and intellectually. I think women are stronger than men. And I’m a proponent of sex and nudity as artistic expression. In my films, I use sex as a way to break the Christian values of Brazilian society. If you walk naked in the streets in Brazil, you will be arrested for indecent exposure, but if you murder someone in the streets and if you be first offender (without having committed other crimes before the inept Brazilian justice), you can pay for this murder in freedom. Here, it is easier to be arrested for walking naked than to kill someone, you know? In the case of "Blerghhh!!!", I purposely created female characters stronger than men and nudity is part of their force! Women are powerful and I wanted to show it in this movie.

Next movie for a closer look is Arrombada. It tells us the story about a state judge senator who has been elected by the people twice. He and his perverted friends, a priest and a doctor blackmails and arrest smugglers. They forced a drug-dealer to kidnap a girl for their horny perverted sex games and they raping the girl with repeatedly cruelty. Until the girl gets her high-heels on and gorily takes out her assailants in the nastiest ways imaginable while the compulsive perverts get off on the nastiness. She returns in captivity by the priest who lately kills and eats her flesh. Later they leaving her in the middle of a road in Brazil because of ”power is synonymous with impunity"  and double-s authority, and thats it, there is no law for the authorities and the powerful people in Brazil.

I must admit that I was a bit shocked after seeing this tale of weirdness. I find it hard to really grab my feelings for the content I just have seen. Arrombada is very brutal and disgusting, but also entertaining in a bizarre way. The movie stretches about thirty-nine minutes but Petter has used every second in a remarkable way without bullshit and unnecessary babble. If you look behind the story and the content visually, you'll discover that it has a clear message. This is definitely a political movie about the abuse of power among "Authorities and powerful people" and Petter wants to show this in his very own special and disgusting way. For me, the woman who is raped in the movie is a symbol of raping the citizens of a nation.

Do you have any comment Petter? Can you describe your point of view of the story, what do the State Judge, the priest and the doctor symbolize?

   -When I wrote "Arrombada" I was angry in a case involving a corrupt state judge here in Brazil who had embezzled millions of dollars of construction of a building of the judiciary. My initial idea was to shoot a feature film, but I couldn't raise enough money to produce it and had to choose to do it in the format of an average film. The State Judge of the film, which is played by underground-actor Cult Coffin Souza with a mustache style of Adolf Hitler (I hate Nazis and fascists). It's also a senator who been elected twice in history, it is the law and the political class in this story, drawing a parallel with the corrupt politics of my country, which is supported by the church (so the priest played by PC) and the Brazilian middle class professionals, represented by the figure of the doctor played by Gurcius Gewdner - also editor of my films. In place of the doctor I could have put the military, which would crack the holy bastards here in Brazil, but I decided not to be so obvious and wanted to talk about supporting "civil" and not military corrupt politicians. It's a plot the Brazilian public understands. "Arrombada" was released in Brazilian theaters and some had a public performance, but I don't know if it's easy for Europeans to understand the Brazil's leaders; rich people and studies in most cases, takes advantage of this "superiority" just to take advantage. And here in Brazil the people being screwed by political, military, religious and rich people. I don't know if the European people knows this, but here in Brazil we live an undeclared civil war with drug dealers organized criminal gangs who run the Brazilian favelas where the state doesn't get involved. So I added a "fourth power" in the script of "Arrombada" which is the figure of a drug dealer making alliances with the powerful. Everything could be solved with quality education, lower taxes (the tax burden of taxes here in Brazil is one of the highest in the world and this money is diverted, mostly by corrupt politicians) and jobs that pay a living wage, but Brazilian politicians prefer the people living in complete darkness, ignorant and poor, fighting for soccer-teams and praying in churches!

What do you mean by Land of Impunity?

  -Welcome to Brazil! A land where politician don't goes to jail, where people are fighting for soccer, where children don't receive quality study, where artist (mostly filmmakers) dreams of living with money the state makes the law and outlaw! At this time the supreme court ordered some Brazilian political party of President Dilma by corruption, were to be in jail, but haven't been arrested yet, Zé Dirceu, one sentenced to 10 years in prison spent this past weekend at the beach. Right now a politician who was mayor of São Paulo called Paulo Maluf was ordered to return to public coffers more than $22 million and, until now, wasn't arrested! The state Judge that inspired the screenplay for "Arrombada" was arrested in 2009, but it wasn't for a prison, this law judge fulfills his sentence under house arrest, you know? Brazil is the land of opportunity ... of corrupt!

The movie is packed with loads of violence and obscure incidents like sexual abuses, cannibalism, necrophilia and beatings of defenseless women. Petter has taken everything to the limits in order to show his clearly distrust to politicians, to the religion and to people who have a respected work in high positions. I don't want to ruin all the fun for those who might get the chance to watch this flick in the future by telling everything that happens during these thirty-nine minutes of seriously provocative and humiliating fun.

A thought I get is why anyone would like to be so extreme in its creation of such an important message?

   -Yes, I agree with you Tomas, I should have addressed this issue more serious with lesser violent, but my school of filmmaking is Troma and Jesus Franco, I can't address these issues in a way that isn't full of debauchery, sarcasm and absurd violence, so overreacted at all! I know that the film could have raised in a clear way that everyone wanted to discuss these issues here, but I'm not the director appropriate to make conventional films! I'm quite a fan of the films of Costa Gavras, for example, but I couldn't do films with the content of seriousness that Costa Gavras's films have. I have a bizarre sense of humor too, I did "Arrombada" thinking it would be seen as a comedy and gore. I was surprised to see that the public was shocked when I launched the film. Here in Brazil the film was censored in many places, but still has a career and raised some interesting discussions. In fact, I consider myself as a comedian, but I think the public doesn't see me as a comedian because comedy has become harmless. Unfortunately we don't have more political comedians like John Waters (70s), Monty Python, Buñuel or Pier Paolo Pasolini, the current comedy is harmless!

There's a scene when the remorseful trafficker are killed by becoming impaled by a stick through the ass. The priest passes by and sees the possibility of a little extra pleasure and sit down on the stick for a ride. Haha.. that moment got me laughing uncontrolled, yeah I must be sick. What do you have to say about this scene?

   -This scene illustrates my sense of humor, I think a scene can be even more absurd nonsense forever. Here in Brazil, a large number of priests are pedophiles (the Catholic church and pastors from other churches), mostly cases involving homosexuality, so it seemed natural to think that if a priest stalker find someone impaled on the stake, he would sit down and have fun analsex. Maybe my sense of humor is too bizarre, but I like to tackle serious issues in a more stupid maner!

Our journey continues with the movie Vadias Do Sexo Sangrendo. It tells us the story of Tura and Mirza which are two lesbians who are fleeing Russ, ex-boyfriend of Tura. After fighting the love triangle, the lesbians cross paths with Esquisito, a vegetarian who was raped by 48 priests, and all end in an orgy of blood.

"Vadias do Sexo Sangrento" is radical experimentalism (continuing the book "Manifesto Canibal" written by Petter Baiestorf and Coffin Souza), which explores the possibilities for the possible cinematic storytelling with the narrator / author "tricking" the film's audience. In the beginning of the movie it shows a close-up of a woman's pussy, and soon she starts fondling her horny pussy with one of her hands, and this is both pleasant and a bit repulsive. The film has much nudity and is quite sexy at times, but all the blood and obscure scenes ruin the sense of erotica. Of all movies I've seen so far, this is clearly the dirtiest of them all and I get the feeling that Petter potentially could make a damn good porn movie with an entertaining story.

Have you done any porn or have you ever considered making someone in the future?

   -In 1998 I made a tasteless feature porn and had a pretty big financial loss with my eschatological gore porn that featured, among other things, masturbation stuffed with chicken feet, anal sex with lighted candles, sexual wounds, etc. My dream was to mix politics with explicit sex and religious criticism, but there is no audience for this kind of movies. I learned this in practice! This extreme porn called "Sacanagens Bestiais dos Arcanjos Fálicos" and not screened and unfortunately still unpublished on DVD. Porn conventional doesn't interests me; I'm a big fan of porn obscure things like "Hardgore" or "Thundercrack." In 1998 I also wrote and directed the feature film "Gore Gore Gays", which featured some explicit sex scenes. With "Vadias do Sexo Sangrento" I would not make an erotic film, but give continuity to the kind of fun movies that were made in Brazil in 1980. Sure I overreacted a little bit! Currently not meeting investors and developers interested in making sexually explicit gore movies, so I'm doing some movies more normal, but still come back to make more movies involving with wild, crazed dirty porn and politics. 

I get the feeling that your movies are always symbolic and have an underlying message that you want to tell in your very special way. In "Vadias do Sexo Sangrento" it feels like you want to show that we men are real assholes and carries the major reason that our wives or girlfriends leaves us. We rape and violate us against the other sex ruthlessly because of our sexual instincts, which some men can't control.

   -The movie portrays in clarity that we sometimes can't accept when our beloved once leaves us for another - but quite often we probably deserves it because of our brusque behavior. In this case, Tura leaving her boyfriend and if that's not enough, she does it with another WOMAN. This annoys and exasperates Russ to such a degree that he decides to kill Kelly. Every year we see similar cases in real life that exactly follows this pattern. You describe this in your very special way, all men take their opportunity to rape and torture all the women in the flick, but you do it in a way that makes me think that we men are one son of a bitch. You show us that men in fact are the weak sex and have to resort to violence to assert themselves. Yes, "Vadias do Sexo Sangrento" is about sexism, about the uncontrollable primal instinct of sex. Brazil is essentially sexist society, usually Brazilian men think they are "owners" of their wives or girlfriends and wanted to talk about it in the short course of my exaggerated way of addressing more serious issues. Many men dominate their women here with money, and when they can't control them with money they use violence, sexual and physical punches. I have great respect for women, I admire their strength and weakness and I think all of us men are pathetic! In the movie all the male characters are stupid and brutal, including the narrator of the film, the end of everything, rapes the female characters. Of course not all men are like this, but if you study the history of the world, you'll find thousands of examples of violence against women. And worst of all is that many women accept that! I think it's tragic to think that women are religious, becaus religions worldwide have prejudices against women, by logic women should abhor these religions sexist. The world society is sexist, I think women should open their eyes and strive for a libertarian society, I think it's disgusting when I hear screaming feminists who want equality and equality means that women are soldiers and go to war, for example!

A side from all the nice nudity, you have some breathtaking scenes. The scene where a woman puts her fist in a guy´s ass and pulls out the intestine is a bit special. How did you get this idea?

   -My grotesque sense of humor told me: “Kill a sexist by pulling his guts out throughout the ass!" And so I did to the sound of SpongeBob Squarepants to get even more insane! It was extremely fun filming this scene. Coffin Souza and Carli Bortolzanza, who are short of gore makeup, they were quite embarrassed about actor’s ass makeup. "Vadias do Sexo Sangrento" was shot in just five days, with a chill of about 10 degrees and all actors/actresses were naked. Of all movies I have done so far this set was the quietest one. I was fortunate to work with a wonderful staff that identified themselves with the script and gave so much of themselves for the movie to stay fun!

Another part of the movie I like is the crazy guy who collects on vaginas. It's really disgusting, but with a great sense of humor - If you like that sort of obscure madness and can see the fun in it, this is a movie recommended for you. The sum of the whole flick is that we get a nasty combination of odd, disgusting episodes, mixed with some dirty sexy scenes, but also a lot of humor. Petter has definitely opened new doors with his unique filmmaking.

Don't miss out his new release of:
Zombio 2: Chimarrão Zombies