PIG (1998)

Written by Greigh Johanson:

I got hold of PIG in conjunction with my study of the goth rock band "Christian Death". I read myself to PIG in connection with Rozz Williams film debut and found this somewhat bizarre arthouse film. A silent shortfilm in black and white that shows us the relationship between a killer and his victim where all lines are crushed and mixes fantasy with reality.

PIG  was director Nico B's debut, but also the very last project that Rozz Williams attended on before he committed suicide on April 1th 1998.  Rozz was a former writer, artist and musician. He spoke about PIG as a form of exorcism and transition of his personal demons, and if you look from the film's incoherent document it will provides quick an odd feelings about a bipolar gambit and its delusions. The film shows real footage where Rozz Williams gets truncated, a symbolism that highlights the life out of pure evil. The music is also composed by Rozz himself and helps to produce the unpleasant consequences that the film has.

This is a very disjointed film with a strong, stylistic and minimalistic image of surrealism. It's difficult to identify  the film's real action;  why the offender driving its victim to that location and why he is doing this very morbid ritual. It's a poetic and stimulating film, a conversion around the subconscious of a killer that graphically shows the manifestation of himself in abstract forms and derivatives of his suffering and desperation. The film contains no dialogue and therefore you has to analyze the film's structure and not its text. There are many aspects that set in its thoughts and ideas, and how hard you even try to analyze the film, you'll never find a practical answer - You must be open to the evocative, so in fact it's a very open film and it has a different meaning depending on the individual in question.

The film was only released in 1334 copies by the distribution company "Cult Epics". Ironically Nico B. recently released a movie with the same title as the copy of printed numbers "1334". It's a ghost story that reveals the haunting disturbances that began to plague the ones left behind following the completion  of  PIG and the death of Rozz Williams, where reality turns into darkness with the effect upon no return, based on true occurrences.

How ever, PIG is a highly coveted film. In this DVD-edition  you  can  find  a  lot of extra material and a booklet of 40 pages containing the title; "Why God Permits Evil" -  this book is also evident in some parts of  the  movie. The book is a sick and twisted version of the Old Testament.