If we count up all horror titles from our Nordic countries,  then Denmark isn't a exclusive horror-country at all. Sure we got a lot of titles from Lars von Trier, but their most known titles should be Flænset or Nightwatch. Thankfully we now have a whole new generation to look into. This theme may be the Danish answare to the American Toe Tag Pictures and managed to shock with their debut shortfilm Make them Suffer (2011) and their first full-lenght film Sunken Danish (2012); a very controversial Danish serial killer film that exceeds the limits, which is extremely rare to be reached from the Danish film-industry.

The danish company Hellbound Productions was created by the central frontman Kasper Juhl. They are an underground business with a particular focus on extreme and  violent  horror. In addition to his interest in film, Kasper Juhl's also the lead singer in the blackened death metal band Abscission. All the films works with a combination of  documentary found footage-style in the name of faux snuff-film. Madness of Many supplements these with some poetic scenes of violence, which is similar to the French director Jean Rollins most experimental films, while Sunken Danish and Monstrosity is a serie where Kasper Juhl play out his own extreme fantasies on film by figuring the insane  character Kevin that you get to follow through each chapter. He also found much of his inspirations from Lucifer Valentine’s and Fred Vogel's works.

"If I wasn’t the reasonable man as I am, I would be Kevin. I think we all have a dark side and a kind of inner psychopath. Of course there is researchs that says how much we can relate to that particular side, and Kevin's character is probably my evil side and that I would be him if I didn’t have the control I have. It’s very exciting to get in touch with the sick nature and live like him through a film. I also feel that it’s something tragic insane / depressing in his character, which I find quite fascinating, and that's primarily why I have chosen to produce another film with him in the lead role." - Kasper Juhl

The philosophical aspects of the films is based on Kasper's own thoughts, there’s also heavily inspired by the Danish writer and mystic Martinus Thomsen. He talks a lot about the meaning of suffering and why there exist violence in the world.

In Madness of Many we met Victoria, who throughout her upbringing has been abused. She escapes - only to discover that the rest of the world doesn’t offer her nothing but  violence, torture and abuse. Until she realizes that just violence and pain gives her insight into completely different side of life.

Apparently the film assume something from real cases such as Natascha Kampusch case and similar local cases in Denmark - and screws looked up the limb. The film is also interested in personality and division, which is well illustrated by the fact that Juhl uses three different women to complement the role of Victoria. One of the roles to play Victoria is actually the popular Swedish fashion model and blogger Ellinor Rosander, and they establishes the film as a puzzle of scenes the viewer has to piece together.

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