Nancy Schmidt was born on 03.07.1979 in Leipzig. Back then, her mother was a photographer for fashion events and her father was an artist and avid followers of Heavy Metal music. While other kids were put in bed with lullabies, Nancy preffered the harder sounds. She was more interested in bad boys instead of every mums favorites. She played out with boys, tools and chainsaws instead of dolls and girls. Nancy's biggest talant and creativity is drawing, but also theater. When she was seven years old, she attended the art school where she quickly developed her own style (which didn't pleased everyone.) It's dark, mysterious and frightening...

In young ages, she secretly watched horror films when her parents forgotten to remove it from the VCR. She was quickly fascinated by horror and she became addicted to it. In same age, she also was inspired by museum visits and she liked to paint chopped-off hands, images with much blood and she began to discover her dark minded soul. She loved to provoke, to be different, to shock! Since eleven age, she contributed to 99% of the color black, because she found her soul in it. Over the years she became known as a choreographer and a model. But above all, she was known by her horror images with machetes and raw pig hearts. She also creates CD-covers for local rock bands, with skulls and hellfire, but she also writes songs and screenplays for music videos with various bands, including horror movies that were filmed for the most part with her as the lead actress.

A few years ago she made her hobby into a profession and a name was needed. Her stage-name decided to be ”Black-Sin-Sation”. Black as her soul - Pure as her sin - and sensational because she can surprise experienced horror producers so far. The latest horror film project ”Grimm's Children” is an episodic film by reinterpreting nine producers, nine Grimm's Fairy Tales in nine minutes. Hard and brutal, just like the fairy tales once were before Walt Disney trivialized it. The whole is connected by an intermediate history and will take a bloody end!

Nancy wears as a screenwriter of Cinderella as lead actress to do so. She will take over the role of the evil stepsister and ensure eerily beautiful moments! Friends who also will be related in the project is Pascal van Dieckmeyer (extreme-script-crew), Timo Rose (Lord of the Undead), Robert Makowski (Cinema Frankowski) and the initiator Thomas Görsch.

The film will find its way into theaters and DVD in 2015.
You can see more of her work at http://www.black-sin-sation.de