Geretta Geretta, a multi-faceted woman and a true horror-icon most known from the sweet 80’s. She has worked the globe, from Northern Ireland to South Africa, from Rome to New York City, as a writer, director and actress. She has starred in such classic Italian horror films as, Lucio Fulci's "MurderRock", Bruno Mattei's "Rats: Night of Terror" and "Terminator 2". But she may be most known as a fleshbending maniac from italian producer Dario Argento and director Lamberto Bava's collaboration in "Demons". Best Female Director from the Melbourne Underground Film Festival' and Action On Film Festival 2008'. She is a graduate of The American Film Institute Screenwriting MFA Program.

Geretta Geretta: -Hallå Tom!

Tomas Larsson: You have been part of the golden eighties when the Italian horror & post-apocalypse genre had its heydays. Do you ever reflect on it these days?

-Sure all the time, it was great fun. Loved the music too!

How do you think the horror genre has been changed over the years and where do you see it heading in the future?

-Fortunatley at this moment classic horror is making a come back. Things that actually scare you - not just gore you out. Horror was kinda like porn there for a bit: it was more about "what can we do next that hasn't been done yet" That's just "gonzo". Plot, story and chills is my idea of HORROR. The "genre" I would say, if there is one that I take part in, is the MONSTER or THING from HELL. Seems it's all about Zombies these days and Vamps... I do love the smellies!

You are definitely not a scream queen who runs away screaming from the threat; instead you play the tough one quite often as Koster in Mattei´s Shocking Dark. Is that a kind of character you prefer to act or do you feel more comfortable with that kind of approach?

-At that time I was young, thin, could run like the wind... Wait I am still all that, (okay, maybe two out of three!) What I mean is it made sense then, cause that's what I was like then. Kick ass.

What kind of relationship do you have with the other actors during filming? Do you ever meet them up “after work” and have a good time?

-Most of everyone I every worked with, in the sense we had a scene together we are still friends to this day.

Not much to say more about that. Probably your most well-known appearance is from the movie Demons, which is still one of the most famous flick in the genre. You have been promoting this movie lately on some events like Shocking Stock last year. How has it been to bring back Demons to life again?

-When did it die?

What happened after Shocking Dark? You disappeared from the scene for a decade and suddenly you broke the silence with "Sweetiecakes", your directorial debut?

-An Hollywood Agent who will remain nameless tried to... well after that I just lost my desire to act. So I applied and fortunately was accepted into The American Film Institute MFA program.

You're also the writer for Sweetiecakes: Where did you get the inspiration for the story?

-The Story Of O. The first script was so shocking people felt that I needed to rewrite it. I turned that into a sexy comedy... In hindsight with the success of "Fifty Shades Of Grey" I should have stuck to my original inspiration! The Swiss title was; "Titten Und Torten".

How did you pick the cast? I can see Urs Althaus from Warrior of the Lost World.

-Yes Urs and I worked together on that before he did "Name Of The Rose." Ages later I'm living in Switzerland and I literarly run into him in a swank cafe. I asked him if he would play the romantic lead in an all Swiss movie. He is Swiss but as you know he is also "Black" but we would never mention that it was a interraccial love story... He didnt even blink! He just said "- ... Sign me up...but Darling, you do know I am expensive, no?" I just spoke with him today he has a book out called, "I, The Nigger" original title is; "Ich, der Neger: Mein Leben zwischen Highlife und Pleiten."

You got some awards as Best Film/Video Black Filmmaker at Berlin Black International Cinema Festival and Best Female Director at Melbourne Underground Film Festival. It must’ve been a fantastic and amazing experience in your life. Can you try to explain in words these very special moments?

-The traveling! I travelled with my little feature film for two years. We also won "Best Female Filmmaker" at the Action On Film Festival too, It was just a great time. My first festival was the Cairo International Film Festival five days after 9/11... can you imagine. And I lived in New York then. Right in Manhatten. I saw the second plane hit on the morning news as it happened! But I still got on that plane to Cairo. Those were crazy days. I just said to myself "this is your ONE chance. Take it!" I arrived and unfortunatley almost all the other American filmmakers had cancelled... so the festival was not the big it event it had been for decades...

Will we ever see you making a horror movie?

-Of course. I see it everyday. And am working towards that. I live in Costa Rica now and we are prepping a horror film to be shot in the jugles here. Very exciting. Principal photgraphy begins in September.

You went back to the horror scene again in Bloody Christmas by Michael Shershenovich in 2012, a really low-budget horror with a deep message. How did you get involved in this project?

-He wrote to me. Flew me across the country. And my scenes with him were so fun and energetic. It felt maybe just a little bit of what it might have felt like to be in a Cassavettes film... it was just OUT THERE and creative...

You acted with Lloyd Kaufman, a true independent-icon who has been around us for a while. How was it to have him in the set? Is he that crazy as he seems to be?

-Lloyd I knew more from Sundance and Tromadance. We didn't have any same days on Bloody Christmas. But in person? Yeh, he's a FORCE!

You play Satanica in Geovanni Molinas "The Becoming" that will be released next year. Can you reveal any secrets about this movie and Satanica?

-Best I don’t. It's not out yet.

You teamed up with Bobby Rhodes (Demons) in 6Dana66Godina once again.
How was it to be in the same cast again?


Would you like to uncover and tell a bit about the character Cherry. Will we see another side of Geretta?

-Of course!!! Sweet like Cherry / Kills like Beri Beri! We start shooting late 2014. Going to be amazing!

Thanks a lot for taking your time for this interview and good luck for the future.
Any last words to your fans?

-Glorious, Gory, Gracious; Tack, jag älskar dig! - To everyone who writes to me, follows me on instagram, convention-festivals and tweets me!!! You are all so very special to me. There are days... nights even when you make me smile and laugh out loud and just be AMAZED that something form THEN is still viable NOW! xoxoxoxo

PS Did you know I have traveled to Sweden and love it!!!? Hej då!