Directed by: Fred Vogel, Michael T. Schneider... read more
Written by: Fred Vogel, Michael T. Schneider... read more
Stars: Fred Vogel, Michael T. Schneider, Killjoy DeSade... read more

Year: 2003
Genrer: Gore, Horror, Mocumentary
Run time: 1h 17min
My rating: 3.5 out of 5

Before the controversial aspect regarding necrophilia on film that broke off in style with the more modern twist in acts such like "A Serbian Film", they had began the more realistic style of ultraviolence already germinating in the early twenty hundred. At the beginning of the millennium we got acquainted with the American director Fred Vogel's debutfilm August Underground; one of those days most dirty films on the market. Fred Vogel picked up most of his inspiration from Remy Belvaux early cult classic "Man Bites Dog" and used violence as a starting point in the style of Eric Stanze's "Scrapbook". Fred was tired of that the horror world stood still and never came up with anything new, so he decided to start provoke for real.

Regarding the first film of the August Underground-series there isn't much on screen which contains torture or mutilation - but the special effects on their victims look incredibly realistic and it's very distressing to behold. Through this new-modernization of  treacherous art, Vogel successfully create a work of art devastating and the effects that looked and sounded terrible was undeniable expressive of the time. The marginalized environment and the realism that the film occupies and in Fred Vogel's way of working with special effects are magnificent, but it's not until two years later, in the sequel "Mordum" as the necrophilic trends begin to speak for real.

Fred and his friends in Toetag Pictures heaping on additional gunpowder unlike their predecessor. It contains significantly more sex with living and dead, and what you will witness is how far one man is prone to go. We find no form of empathy in these serial killers - For them it's just a game we viewers get the opportunity to watch. Sounds exciting, huh?

Our main character Peter Mountain (Fred Vogel) from the previous film has lost his former aide and has now got hold of two new crazies. This time we follow an incestuous siblings - one crazier than the other. Crusty (Cristie Whiles) is a self-mutilating slut with a tendency to torture herself and the people around her. Her brother Maggot (Michael Todd Schneider) is a step worse - he's necrophiliac and pedophile. In a crazy antics we behold their lives when they torture, fucking and killing innocent people - children and adults - with the camera ready in hands.

You will notice that Fred is looking to provoke like never before, and in essence, they do it when they show how Maggot carries out a complete sexual intercourse with a dead child. Pedophilia is a very sensitive topic and it is from here Mordum has received the most criticism. In another scene, we also behold how a woman gets her stomach cut open and gets fucked in the intestines by Maggot.

In Mordum Fred's not only cooperate with Michael Todd Schneider from maGgot Films studio, but also with the legendary artist "Killjoy DeSade", singer from one of the pioneers of Death Metal; ironically, Necrophagia. August Underground also has a third and final film in the trilogy, "Penance", but that one doesn't measure up to the performance of Mordum and isn't significant at all. Every single films Fred Vogel and Toetag Pictures has released after "The Redsin Tower" has been pure crap, and thus stop!


Produced by: Jerami Cruise
Cinematography by: ?
Editing by:  Jerami Cruise, Michael Todd Schneider, Fred Vogel, Cristie Whiles
Special Effects by: Jerami Cruise, Fred Vogel
Music by: Bippy, Gorelord, Impercept, Porcelain Maggot,
Necrophagia, Slave Pig, Superkollider, Wurdulak.
Country: USA
Language: English 
Color: Color

Distributor: ToeTag Pictures