Nils Härgestam, a swedish independent-director who previously gave us ”Zombie Mayhem” and ”Radioactive Cannibal Vikings from Hell”. He makes movies with the least possible budget imaginable. One can't say that it's exclusively performed, but you'll definitely notice his passion for the production. In last year he released his third film called ”Mutant Apocalypse in Drugfuck Deathcamp” a film that maybe never will be finished. The cause around it will be disclosed in a moment.

Mutant Apocalypse in Drugfuck Deathcamp is a Swedish post-apocalyptic film that draws inspiration from classic Italian exploitation films. Much can be recognized from films by Sergio Martino and Cesare Canevari. Nils mixes Sci-Fi and fascism in some ultra-rare cyberpunk trappings. It possibly sounds better on paper than it really is and this is made on a micro-budget with a team picked out from a role-playing compound from a rainy little town in Sweden. And if we're talking about Backyard-splatter or SOV (Shoot on video), which this is, you can compare this crap with the Polonia brothers ”Splatter Farm” from 1987. The quality is the same at least!

Religion: They said that's where sware words came from, but Hell-Gun had other ideas about it”.

In an unknown world, in an unknown time, we meet Drifterboy and Boss-Action. Two unfortunate people who managed to survive the Earth's destruction. Now they're in search of finding a supposedly civilization beyond a mountain. But what they don't know; they find the gates of hell. A deathcamp where a fascist and sadomasochistic woman is exercising her odd fetish on the prisoners.

Greigh Johanson: Hello Nils, now we're at the big moment that we all have been waiting for. Can you tell us how the idea of how ​​this movie was created?

Nils Härgestam: The idea about this movie started a few years ago. When I finished University, I got a time of unemployment, and it made ​​me want to go back to film again. This time I wanted to do something big that I could utilize in my time as unemployed - Something that could take time to record and edit. Especially since my friends who had been in my previous films began to spread around the country and started studying in other locations. Then I wanted to do something with them before they went away (After all, I make films for those who is involved. I do it for the actors sake. If fans of crappy movie appreciate them, it is surely a plus, but I think it's rare that people actually like my movies).
  The idea of ​​a post-apocalyptic movie had been around a long time, and run-down places I wanted to shoot on has begun to be cleaned up and teared down. So I thought it was time to preserve some of the remaining places in a rubbishy film. This took place in such messy places that we were worried about finding a real corpse sooner or later. We found sleeping bags and pistol cores in some deserted premises we were on. Additionally, we were almost robbed when we were out among junkie quartz in the district. A car stopped at our open car full of props, but when we came out from the shoot, they threw themselves into their car and kickstart from there. I guess plastic AK47s and gas masks looks fairly menacing from a distance.
  When I wrote the film the idea was of ​​making such a exploativ movie as possible. I mixed as healthy as I could, with stock photage and animation. I wanted scenes from so many different exploitation genres as possible. Prison exploitation, operations, exploitation, a bit of mondo-styled photage, drug trip movies, Nazi exploitation, political pretentious exploitation films, and of course all Mad Max rip-offs.
  Besides making a funny exploitation pastiche I wanted to try to make a movie that clearly took place in another world (something that has only talked about in previous movies), something that was clearly a foam post apocalypse in style with "A Boy and His Dog" and "Damnation Alley". I wanted to write the film in a slightly smaller format in the style of Radioactive Cannibal Vikings from Hell (where I tried to have a single, simple scripts) and more like Zombie Mayhem (where half of the script was written during the movie) because it was a grateful and open scenario with post apocalypse adventure. Moreover, I realized that I could actually write nasty, vulgar, gorish, perverse and offensive stuff, considering how pathetic effects and how frivolous the acting was, so no one can take it seriously or take offense over nonsense. In the script, it's a horribly unpleasant film but when it's  made with papemashé and plastic weapons, it's not bad at all. 

How does it come that you never completed this production?

-Making movies is about time, energy, opportunity and good communication with the actor. All these items were missing regarding this film. The screener you got to obtain is a half-finished film in which about 50% of the script is missing. As it is now, I did cut as far as I had time for and finished it with a cliffhanger. The story was written in order to gradually tighten up all the madness on one.

What kind of recording material and editing software did you use? If I had to guess, I had wanted to say a Panasonic VHS camera and Windows Movie Maker?

-I wish it was that good! But I used an old Sony mini-disc, a simple vacation camera. I did the editing in Adobe premiere, on a computer that I borrowed from work. I took the time after work in the evenings while I still had my license on the computer, which I don't have any more.

And that's why you can't complete the film?

-It's one of the many reasons! But all of the recorded material is too spread out to be able to be worked with as a recreational projects. I have 50 ungraded folders filled with 65 Gigabite of different clips. I thought: ”It worked for my debut film 'Zombie Mayhem', so why wouldn't it work for Mutant Deathcamp?” But, oh so wrong I was. This project has so many clips that are too heavy for my home computer and that's why I worked on the computer at work which fills the right capacity for this project. Besides this, two hard drives crashed in the meantime and more and more material began to disappear. So in short, this thing simply grew out of my control. It was like one huge monster that I can't or want to work with anymore. But if I get amphetamine-dependent and thus unemployed again and get hyper-speeded with a computer that fills the correct capacity, then I maybe can make a second part of Mutant Apocalypse in Drugfuck Deathcamp someday. Nowadays, I want to dedicate myself to making short films and doing fun stuffs.

I was very confused about that you had cut out all the goodies and published it as "additional material". Do you have some answers to why you did so?

-All so-called "extra scenes" who present themselves at the end of the film is violent nonsense that should have been published afterwards when the script was completed, but it never happened. Therefore, I threw out everything spontaneously, only for not doing my film-crew disappointed. Hell, this may sounded regretfull, but it's easy to sound so when you have put so much energy on something that will not be what you intended. Especially since all the really gritty and funny gore effects unfolds when everything breaks loose in the second half of the film.

How did you work with the bloodshed? Did you used motorized valve pump and iron bars?

-We were in ruins and forests, so any motor-driven procedure is out of the question. At first we used a garden hose and compressed it with air in a can. But when we noticed that our own lung-power gave better results, we only used the hose and our own lungs.

Did you use beef blood or concoction of syrup, cocoa and food coloring?

-With that color it's quite clear that we ran on concoction! We needed things that didn't cluged up our hoses, it would spray in a simple way, without destroying our clothes. In addition, we make bucket-loads of blood in the cheapest possible way. There were various mixtures of each recording; food coloring, water, peanut butter, tomato passata and sometimes acrylic paint. We was using large proportion of water and passed it out with tomato because we wanted it to spray and not just chug like gooey mud. But it was way better than in Zombie Mayhem where it was clean Eldorado tomato drink, that shit got people almost to vomit. Well, I have sacrificed myself to vomit for real now, but we used to run on milk whipped with porridge. It becomes chunky and nicely.

Do you have anything more to add to our readers?

-In short: A way to make a film that work out for a 30 minute film, will NOT work for a film that potentially could be six times as long. When I have the energy, time and technological opportunities, I might let the rest of the film material be a part of a sequel. And as it looks now, I count Drugfuck Deathcamp as a finished project - An unsuccessful one. But it was better that I released something instead of wasted my time with all the people involved. We had fun when we made ​​the film, and that's the main thing I think.