Our first issue finally came to be released and it wasn't without a multitude of severe tribulations but as every strongminded person knows; setbacks feeds the hidden strength that lies within one. And to be honest we could never have achieved our goal if it wasn't for you devoted readers and supporters and we thank you all for that, because without you it would never be possible and we're more than sure that we all would have grown weary of this project if we were condemned to trample around in the same hole.
   So now it's time for the second number, and what is new? First off, this one did NOT come out in a simple fashion either, alot of troubles came flying from every direction and angles, we all burned out, got sick and tired of writing and in the middle of everything the personal life took it's toll in many different shapes, but as the obstacles slowly disintegrated we noticed that our phormula is starting to improve.

   Through hours of sparetime, sweat and keyboardclashing we've done what we can to amend the flaws we saw in the first issue, with both written words and the visual design. It's smarter, gorier, messier, sexier, more aesthetic, weirder and refined in many ways but it's still not perfect because that would imply that we've stagnated and our goals are not a safe destination, it´s the travel to be better for each issue and to give you all an interesting, perverted, sickening and an utterly pleasant reading experience.

   So bear with us and see us rise as a squidlike god awakened from slumber to conquer the universe, or at least see us get better in managing this magazine, for we are only in the beginning of an everlasting journey.  Number two is prepared to be released in August! Ego tibi gratias maximas ago!