Written by: Greigh Johanson.

I will be honest and express myself verbatim what I thought about The Bunny Game. It is hard to imagine anything similar and I had been looking forward to watch the film for a very long time. This is director Adam Rehmeiers debut film from 2010. It cost almost nothing to produce and contains absolutely no special effects at all . The violence in the film is authentic - Their reactions, frustrations, aggressions and the tears are for real. There's nothing in the film, neither in script or spectacle, that's inserted in its background . This is an experimental arthouse film, prepared in the form of a therapeutic purpose.

The film is about Bunny, a prostitute who does everything for her livelihood. One day she gets robbed by a customer and lose everything she owns. She had to start over and decides to leave L.A and find new customers in another city. With luck she's picked up by a truck driver who asks if she has any drugs to offer. Instead, in her desperation, she offers to sell her body to him. But the driver is considering her and becomes violent and lulls her down with paint thinner or similar substances. After this a life in hell begins to circulate.

It's easy to fall in love with the simple, stylistic and black and white photography. It picks up right shot out of a nightmarish journey that takes us into the most obscure darkness of the abyss of hell. The music in the film is performed by the American Hardcore / Punk Black Metal band "Harassor" and builds up the films right atmosphere. It is dirty, uncomfortable, raw and matches the smallest detail. Actress Rodleens authentic spectacle shows clearly how she feels in the role of "Bunny" and everything feels alive and real.

Rehmeier didn't work with any crew during recording. He took all the tasks by himself and drove into the desert, far from hustle and bustle where no one could hear them screaming. One drawback would be if Rodleen would be seriously injured, then she would probably have died. The second consequence was whether the police or the suspects would have come by and seen what was going on during filming. It could end up with hefty fines or imprisonment for aggravated assault.

I think this is a good and very daring film if you manage to see it for what it is; a psychological arthouse thriller. And what impressed me the most was that it contained no single drop of blood or gore at all. Everything is about the psychological consequences and how it slowly can break down some in martyrdom. The film is mainly recommended for those of you who like deep and dramatic films with a touch of S&M. But be aware that this is a real film with some truly made ​​events without any underlying special effects.

An important note is to look at the film's extra material and listen to what the director and the actors have to say about why Bunny Game was filmed. Then you possibly get an easier understanding of its execution. Thanks!

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Directed by: Adam Rehmeier
Written by: Rodleen Getsic, Adam Rehmeier
Produced by: Rodleen Getsic, Sarah Jaime, Adam Rehmeier
Cinematography by: Adam Rehmeier
Editing by: Adam Rehmeier
Special Effects by: David Lopez, Jeremy Selenfriend
Music by: Razzaw
Cast: Rodleen Getsic, Jeff F. Renfro, Drettie Page, Coriander Womack,
Gregg Gilmore, Loki, Curtis Reynolds, Jason Timms, Norwood Fisher, Paul Ill.

Year: 2010
Country: USA
Language: English 
Color: Black & White
Runtime: 1h 16min

Distributor: Njuta Films.